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27. Abiding in Christ

The question of how we abide in Christ is the biggest question of all to us.

If Salvation is living only in Jesus and He in us, then how do we abide in Christ?

Of truth, this is our only concern.

Everyone thinks that "saving the lost" is the primary concern of Christians. But if such "Christian work" does not flow effortlessly out of abiding in Christ, then it is NOT the fruit of salvation. If you and I do not know Salvation, how can we lead anyone else to live only there?

It is the Church of Christ that is lost; it is the church we seek to lead into the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, the only life they are.

Abide in Me and I in you. There is no other commandment in the Bible.

How do we abide in Jesus?

Lesson 27.1 The Context of Abiding discusses the vine - branch - fruit connection that Jesus used as His illustration of what living in Salvation really means. 

Lesson 27.2 Put on the Lord Jesus Christ is where we find the practical reality of abiding in Jesus. The key word is enduo, put on, sink in Jesus your ONLY life as into a garment, as into the covers of one's bed.

Lesson 27.3 Engage with Abiding lays out a simple and practical exercise by which we can know that we abide in Jesus and Jesus abides in us, by speaking it to be so, by knowing it is true.

Finally, the letter "Father" also serves as a simple, but powerful exercise by which we know that Jesus us connects us to the Father in every way.

Additional Material:

"Father" (Part of the Engage with Abiding Exercise)