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17. Boldness of Heart

How do we enter the Holiest?

What is the Holiest? What is it like to live only in the Holiest and to go no more out

What conditions are required of us to live inside of Holiest?

These questions are centered around the great IF of the gospel, the jeopardy in which we stand. The writer of Hebrews gave us stern warning: "Beware, brethren," and "Let us therefore fear lest any of you should seem to come short of His rest."

And yet - the Holiest is not something foreign to us, for the Holiest is Jesus and we live in Him by faith. Put on the Lord Jesus Christ and enter the Holiest are the same thing.

Lesson 17.1 A Living Way opens to us the way through the veil, the Lord Jesus Christ, passing by all the opponents that want to keep us out if we had any mind for anything except Jesus.

Lesson 17.2 A True Heart will lead you to investigate this most incredible phrase - a true heart in full assurance of faith - by comparing this heart with David's heart, a man after God's own heart.

Lesson 17.3 Having Boldness to Enter takes you up against all the obstacles in your way, bypassing all the false entrances, and gives you the one thing you must do to have the faith and the courage to enter.

Lesson 17.4 Living in the Holiest describes the life waiting for us, not in heaven, but in the present moment, a life of complete union with the Father through every word that is Jesus. 

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