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11. Casting Down Accusation

The third great Bible-defining verse that shows us the full extent of what God means by His determination to conform us to the image of His Son is the authority verse by which we cast down the accuser, Revelation 12:10-11.

First, open the PDF, The Fourth Most Important Verse in the Bible, and read through the different versions. Memorize the NKJ version of the words.

Lesson 11.1 The Present Accusation shows us how the accuser whispers darkness and discouragement against us and how we are to cast that voice down.

Lesson 11.2 The Original Accusation defines the "him" of "And they overcame him," that is, the original serpent. This lesson then places the original accusation against God, "Did God indeed say?" into the context of the great story of God. There is no story without an enemy who speaks at the level of the hero. There is no story without Victory.

Lesson 11.3 Victory Over places before us the things the Bible actually says are those things we are to defeat. The flesh is not among those things. What is it that we defeat? The victory of God will take us into open confrontation with the darkness of this world as we turn the lights on by speaking Christ our only life, by refusing the voice of the accuser.

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