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19. Keep Confidence High

It is clear that God has placed a great jeopardy in the gospel. Let us therefore fear lest having a promise of entering his rest any of you should seem to come short of it (Hebrews 4:1).

We understand what that rest is by the one command of the gospel, the only command that counts:
Abide in Me and I in you. Our question, then, must be, "How?"

"How, Lord Jesus, do I abide in you every moment? How do I live always in Your rest?"

Hebrews 3:6/14 tells us precisely how, if we have ears to hear. We are partakers of Christ IF - What is it that follows the IF?

First, read through the various translations and paraphrases of the seventh most important verse in the Bible along with the extensions of that verse into its practical applications. Memorize these verses.

Lesson 19.1 Walk in Life lays out for us where this great jeopardy verse of the gospel fits and how it applies to our lives. Clearly the Bible can be life to some and death to others. How do we live always by the good speaking of Christ sustaining us every moment?

Lesson 19.2 Keep Confidence High then
 opens up the meanings of the Greek words in this incredible verse. Here we find the connections to the three actions of faith God has given us to do, actions of grace that cause us to know that we are always inside of Jesus.

Lesson 19.3 Led in Triumph places this great jeopardy verse into God's context, His own confidence in us as He leads us always in the celebration of full victory even while we do not yet see or even look like that victory.

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The Seventh Most Important Verse in the Bible