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3. Conformed to His Image

The more I have explored Romans 8:28-30, the deeper into profound truth I have found these three verses, together as one, taking me. This is indeed the most important verse in the Bible. All discussion of Salvation must take place only inside of this verse, always guided by its profound depths.

Allow Romans 8:29, dear believer in Jesus, to shatter from you forever the NON-Biblical nonsense that "salvation" means "going to" heaven after you die. Nothing has kept you away from knowing the Lord Jesus Christ as He fills your heart right now with all of His glory, than that clever device designed to keep you from knowing the Salvation of God.

Salvation tomorrow is no salvation at all. Salvation is Today; His name is Jesus, walking this earth right now, fused together as one in all ways with you. Put on the Lord Jesus Christ.

Begin by reading the most important verse in the Bible through several different translations/ paraphrases, understanding that none of them, including mine, come close to unveiling the depths of reality inside these three verses.

Lesson 3.1 Primary Greek Words explores the beyond-all-belief meanings of the Greek words Paul chose to use as he wrote this core statement inside the most important chapter of his career. Those words include a word invented entirely by Paul and used by him only three times in the human experience, a word that is and will become the most important (non-name) word in all human languages.

Lesson 3.2 Applying the Most Important takes those incredible meanings and applies them to our lives right now. I have discovered that the Greek prefix "pro" means far more than it's English counterpart, "pre." "Pro", called out from the core of God's Person and Heart, is the casting of dozens of Greek words used by the writers of the New Testament.

Lesson 3.3 Engaging with God steps aside from the overwhelming truths confronting the believer in Jesus through this most important verse and places you and me where we must live, on our faces in silence before the Holy, and positions us with the only response to what God speaks that dares enter our lips, the words of Mary.
Look at me, God. I belong to You.
Let all the Word that You speak, the Lord Jesus Christ,
be fulfilled in me in all that He is.

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