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5. Covenant Core

If Romans 8:29 is the most important verse in the Bible, we would expect to see other powerful supporting verses coming alongside of it to give us a full and complete picture of God's intentions towards us. When you asked Jesus into your heart, you signed a covenant with God and He with you, whether you understood it clearly or not. 

Three verses, always together, are the Core of that Covenant, binding on God and on you - if you wish. (God never does anything "to" anyone, but only with each individual according to their desire, that is, according to their faith.) Most Christians have no idea what God has sworn upon Himself in word and in oath in His intentions, in His determination towards us. "Go to" heaven, something Paul commanded us never to say, has turned everyone's eyes away from the Covenant. 

Lesson 5.1 Covenant will take you through the levels of covenant relationship with God. Here you will discover Blood Covenant, the deepest level of covenant, along with what is the Bond of that Covenant.

Lesson 5.2 Covenant Core places before you the three core verses describing the terms of the Covenant you signed with God and God with you by binding oath, along with two other key verses that demonstrate exactly what those terms mean for God and for you.

Lesson 5.3 Jesus as Image should startle you with the obvious reality that God's appearance contains no beauty, nothing to be desired. Here you will grapple with the in-your-face CLAIM of the New Testament. What does God look like? In this lesson you will catch a glimpse of God as He really appears.

Lesson 5.4 Engaging with Symmorphy not only creates several new English words, symmorphy, symmorphose, and so on, words that will become very large in the new creation flowing out of Jesus prayer in John 17, flowing out of our bellies, but this lesson also takes you face to floor to Face, eyeball to Eyeball with a determined God who has set His intentions upon you.

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Engage with Symmorphy