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24. Creation

The great task of the sons of God at the end of this age of human folly is to set creation free. The ninth most important verse in the Bible, Romans 8:19-22, set at the apex of Paul's argument of the gospel, is the "heresy" verse of Christianity, however.

I would contend that revealing Father, and by revealing Father setting all creation free of the uselessness of not knowing God is the NORMAL Christian life.

But before we can set creation free, we must first know what creation is, why and how it is not free, and where this mighty task fits into the great story of God.

First, open and read through the various versions of the ninth most important "verse" in the Bible, Romans 8:19-22. Sadly, I found that most paraphrases of these verses want to limit what God might mean by them and to place them far away from us.

Lesson 24.1 The Creation defines the creation, what it is and from whence it comes.

Lesson 24.2 Vanity and Curse shows the meaning of vanity under which creation labors and the difference between vanity and curse.

Lesson 24.3 The Conflict of Story discusses the conflict and tension of story and how these things apply to the great story of God in the context of setting creation free.

Additional Material:

The Ninth Most Important Verse in the Bible