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16. Entering the Holiest

What does it mean to enter into the Holiest? What is the Holiest?

Some want to limit the Holiest to coming to God in prayer. Others want to say that it is heaven, that we enter the Holiest only by having our physical flesh ripped away from us.

But when Romans 8:29 is our ruling verse, then we know that entering into the Holiest, living in the Holiest, is living right now in a symmorphic relationship with the Father, sharing together the same form as one person together, through the continuous connection of the Lord Jesus Christ, the all-speaking of God.

First, read through the attached PDF with several translations/paraphrases of Hebrews 10:19-22, the sixth most important verse in the Bible.

Lesson 16.1 Words and Symbols, goes through the Greek words in this long and complicated sentence to see what they mean. We arrive at the end of the study knowing less about the verse than when we started because it is a very complex sentence filled with inter-related things.

Lesson 16.2 Understanding Hebrews 10:19-22 then succeeds in unlocking this complicated sentence by drawing from the purposes of God already established in preceding most important verses and by laying these truths against the patterns given us by God, the tabernacle of Moses in the wilderness, and the seven feasts of Israel's religious year. At the end of the lesson, we arrive at the shape of the upcoming lessons that explore this powerful and moving verse.

Lesson 16.3 The Blood of Jesus begins where all things must begin, the precious blood of Jesus shed for us. But is that blood limited or is it absolute and total? Does the blood of Jesus erase all sin? What does it mean for us to have our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience?

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The Sixth Most Important Verse in the Bible