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18. Flesh of His Flesh

What about the flesh? Doesn't the Bible say all sorts of terrible things about the flesh? Isn't the flesh the thing that keeps us far away from God? What do we do with our flesh?

The exaltation of the flesh in Christian thinking, turning it into the big boogey man, ascribing all sorts of anti-God powers to it, and quivering before it in fear and thus in worship, came into Christianity as a direct anti-thesis to the departure of Christ Jesus far away to an imagined "place" given the name "heaven" in the same separated minds. 

To the extent that Jesus is small in one's eyes, to that same extent the flesh is big. To the extent that Jesus is our life and all salvation, to that same extent the flesh becomes, entirely, His.

Lesson 18.1 The Flesh is a perusal of what the New Testament actually teaches us concerning human flesh, including all those verses that place God IN the flesh.

Lesson 18.2 The Veil - His Flesh raises the question of whose flesh it is that we bear. Is the flesh ours or does it belong entirely to the Lord Jesus? What does it mean to eat of His flesh? We enter into the Holiest ONLY as we allow our flesh to be His flesh alone.

Lesson 18.3 Flesh of His Flesh explores the incredible meaning of Paul's ignored claim that you and I are flesh of Jesus' flesh. We discover that to separate our flesh from Christ is to glory IN the flesh. But only as we know that He alone is responsible for the flesh do we find that the only one in whom we glory is the Lord.

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