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25. Setting Creation Free

For a reason obvious to the enemies of Christ, setting creation free has been relegated to the heresy pile by popular Christianity. Yet Romans 8:19 cannot ever be separated from Romans 8:29, for setting creation free is the proving of the intentions and purposes of God. 

In fact, as we draw in all that God speaks regarding the context of the manifestation of the sons of God, we discover the central pattern of truth and reality that ties the whole Bible together as One word, the revelation of Jesus Christ.

That pattern is the reproduction of life, a woman, clothed with the Lord Jesus Christ, bringing forth the Word God speaks into full fruition through weakness and in the face of all opposition.

And the woman screamed to give birth (Revelation 12:2).

Lesson 25.1 Our Travail opens up this most incredible assertion at the heart of Paul's gospel, that God brings forth by travail, that all creation is enduring the pains of childbirth to give birth to you and me as the revelation of Jesus Christ.

What is a God who groans in travail?

Lesson 25.2 Setting Creation Free gives us the perspective we need to understand the events of the next few years as we find God releasing rivers of living water through us - how it is that creation is set free.

Lesson 25.3 A Perfect Man focuses on what the manifestation of the sons of God really is, what we are right now in Christ.

Lesson 25.4 The End of All Things finalizes this session with a look at God's intention to restore all things to Himself as taught by the Apostle Paul. 

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