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12. One Day In the Garden

"One Day in the Garden" is a study of the first part of Genesis Chapter Three. It is essential for us to understand fully the fall of man, Adam's foolish decision. We can choose to eat of life only when we understand how to turn away from the rebellion of Adam as he refused point blank to live as the image and likeness of God, choosing rather to appear "godly" in the eyes of others, that is, to look like the glorious angel.

Lesson 12.1 The Great Contention lays out in front of our eyes the decision between two that God not only placed before Adam, but also places before each one of us. Most of our fellow believers define the "two" as a decision between good and evil, a decision entirely inside of one false thing. To eat of life, however, is something entirely, entirely different.

Lesson 12.2 The Garden Story describes the setting, the characters, and especially the plot line of exactly what happened that day, one day in the garden. It is the events of that day, one at a time, that show us the opposite, the marvelous steps of Christ in which we walk.

Lesson 12.3 The False Covenant presents before us the exact terms of the contract Adam made with the devil. We must know those terms, terms that have bound us all of our lives only because we once believed the lie. We must know those terms because the call of God upon our lives is to break that false contract and to cast the accuser out of the heavens.

Lesson 12.4 Human Psychosis traces the folly of Adam's response to God calling his name through all the psychotic thinking, all the insane and utterly unnecessary hiding from Jesus engaged in by the human race. God's answer is so simple. Turn around, see Jesus speaking all that you are right now, and walk entirely in the light, the Blood of Christ cleansing us every moment.

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