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15. One Day in Gethsemane

I have become convinced that Jesus rising to His feet in Gethsemane, having willingly, with all His heart, drunk His Father's cup, is the biggest event in all the history of heaven and earth. The cross and resurrection that followed after were simply the necessary outcomes of that one mighty act.

The cup Jesus drank was you and me in all that we are.

We must know Gethsemane, not by looking at it from afar, but we must know that we were there, called by name, into this Man who carries us.

Begin by reading the Gethsemane text, the accounts from Matthew and Luke combined together.

Lesson 15.1 God in Travail places Gethsemane into the being of the Father and into the history of the universe. We cannot know God until we know the answer to the question: What is a God who travails to bring forth?

Lesson 15.2 Drinking the Cup unveils a Jesus in agony, choosing by a willing heart alone to take all of creation into Himself, that He might bear all of it into death upon the cross. At the same time, Jesus called each one of us into Himself by name. Here am I, I and the children whom You have given Me.

Lesson 15.3 Planted in the Earth takes us into the only Salvation of God that there is, living in Jesus and Jesus in us. Jesus is the One planted into the earth; Jesus becomes us.

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