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4. The Image of Christ

Man was created in the image and likeness of God. What does that mean? More than that, the core statement of the gospel is that you and I are being conformed together with Jesus, fused into one form, as the image of God's dear Son, the express image of the Father. What does that mean?

Dr. Paul Brand's book, In His Image, is a wonderful starting point for considering what image and likeness might mean, all of the many nuances of reality found in those concepts. You will likely want to read the entire book. 

Lesson 4.1 Image leads you through the thought processes of discovering what "image" might mean for you personally. There you will find an underlining of the key points made by Dr. Brand in the first three chapters you have read. At the same time, you will begin to consider what God looks like when He shows Himself to His creation. Does God look like an angel or does God look like a man?

Lesson 4.2 Symmorphos was a turning point for me as I wrote it. Paul's invented word is translated into its closest English counterpart, "conformed," a word that falls completely short of what Paul meant. Spend time on the section titled "Formed Together." It is here that symmorphos became what it really means in my own heart and understanding.

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Additional Material

Dr. Paul Brand Reading Assignment
Read through the first three chapters from Dr. Paul Brand’s In His Image, “1. Likeness,” “2. Mirror,” and “3. Restoration.”

Purpose of the assignment:                                                                                        
  • To enjoy Dr. Paul Brand’s unique view of Christian truth.
  • To consider the breadth and depths to be found in the word image.
  • To identify many of the aspects of what image means.
  • To make connections between Dr. Paul Brand’s conceptual pictures and one’s own self story.
Specific directions for this assignment:
1.      Use the Lesson on Image as a guide to your study of these chapters.
2.       Take lots of notes as you read. Include applications to your own experience in your notes.

Note: Because the text of In His Image is copyrighted, I cannot legally provide you with an electronic copy. If you have not yet purchased a copy for yourself, you can do so using Amazon Kindle at the following link:

Dr. Paul Brand
In His Image Kindle Edition
In the Likeness of God Kindle Edition (Contains both Fearfully and Wonderfully Made and In His Image.)