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26. Living in Christ

Salvation is one thing only - living in the Lord Jesus Christ and He living in us, that is, John 14:20.

KNOW that I am in the Father and you in Me and I in you.

All the prior most important verses can mean nothing for us personally except we abide in Christ and He in us. He is the One who fulfills all that God speaks as Himself living as us. 

In order for you and me to live every moment in the knowledge that Jesus IS Salvation, we must know the meaning and extent of our union with Christ.

In this session you will gain a clearer picture of where we actually live.

Begin with reading through the versions of the Tenth Most Important Verse in the Bible. We place this verse last, not because it is last, but because it is the only way we could ever know all that has come before.

Lesson 26.1 Know Where I Am begins with the setting of Jesus' words in John Chapter 14. You will discover the one place where we find Jesus and His promise that we also live in that one place with Him.

Lesson 26.2 Living in John 14:20 uses a picture of concentric circles to illustrate how the Father is in Jesus in us in Jesus in the Father. This lesson expands on what the way of living means for us.

Lesson 26.3 Symmorphic Communion focuses on the communion of fellowship we share with these two wonderful Persons who live in us and in whom we live as well as our fellowship with one another.

Additional Material:

The Tenth Most Important Verse in the Bible