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1. Perspectives and Layout

This introduction to the course, The Purpose of God, sets the tone for the important assumptions that will underlie all the lessons and assignments in the course.

1.1    Purpose of Course. The purpose of this course, Symmorphy I: Purpose, is to provide a complete picture of the gospel of Jesus Christ and of living in salvation now as is defined through the ten most important verses of the   Bible.

1.2    Focus and Layout. The guiding idea of this course is that the Word God speaks is a Person, the Lord Jesus Christ, and that this Person lives inside of us as the meaning and the fulfillment of every Word God speaks. Underlying that guiding idea is this assumption, that we know our inclusion inside of this Person, Jesus, out from the core of Paul’s gospel, confirmed at every point by John.

1.3    Knowing Truth. We know truth only as the Word God speaks comes into us by the Holy Spirit to become Jesus in Person alive in our hearts as that Word. This Word that is Jesus comes into us only through our faith to become the reasoning of our minds and the only life we are, the only story we tell of ourselves.

Be sure to order a copy of In His Image by Dr. Paul Brand, a copy of Hind’s Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard and a copy of The Ten Most Important Verses in the Bible by Daniel Yordy. You will need to read from these books as parts of this course.

Read through the lessons of this chapter studiously; jot down your thoughts as you study. When finished with the lessons, do the Self-Reflection Assignment. You will use this form for the same assignment after every chapter. Jot down your thoughts on the chapter experience, including difficulties. In your self-reflection notes, jot down the most important thing to you that you learned in this chapter.

Read The Ten Most Important Verses in the Bible in its entirety.