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28. Knowing God

Eternal life is to know God. Knowing God is eternal life.

There is NO other definition of eternal life found in the Bible. Physical death does NOT cause anyone to know God.

The apostle John is very clear. We are ABLE to know God now; and this knowing of God now is the only thing real, the only thing true, the only thing that is God.

Yet this is a strange puzzle. As we look at the expression of Christians across this world, the concept of "knowing God" seems, almost, to be non-existent, replaced by many other things.

Paul was stunned by his dawning realization that his almost stellar performance as a keeper of the law did not prevent him from putting Jesus to death. Paul knew that his zeal for God did not cause him to know God at all.

So Paul reached deep into his being, into Christ his only life, to draw out of the heavens God's true salvation, Christ our only life.

We know the Father only by knowing Jesus Sent, the only life we are.

Lesson 28.1 Knowing God raises the question of how do we know God. What is the quality or capacity of "knowing" a God who is beyond knowledge? Paul said that only the Spirit of God knows God and only the spirit of a man knows that man. Thus, "He that is joined to the Lord is one Spirit with Him," becomes even more significant.

Lesson 28.2 Knowing Jesus Sent focuses on the connection that Jesus is between us and Father by every Word God speaks. The lesson then places the ten most important verses together into the pro-thesis of God.

Lesson 29.3 Our Home, the final lesson of this course, looks more closely at Jesus' words that He and the Father would come to us and make Their HOME with us. -Father revealed for all to see and know Him.

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