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8. Likeness and Liking

Genesis 1:26 suggests that God created you and me to be just like God. What on earth could such an impossible claim mean? Are we more like God than we understand? But how? How are we like God?

More than that, the context in which Paul claims that you and I are created to contain all the fullness of Almighty God is filled with Paul's attempts to expand the love of God in all directions beyond all knowledge and to root you and me utterly into that love.

But what is love? How about like? Does God like me? Does God like nothing better than to spend time with me?

Lesson 8.1 Like God Inwardly first places before you a framework of thinking by which we can grasp this most impossible reality, that you and I are like God. Then you will consider many of the clear statements of the New Testament that merge into one the elements of our anatomy with the Person and Anatomy of God.

Lesson 8.2 Like God Outwardly explores the many different ways we humans are designed, each one individually, to express the nature and Person of Father. More than that, you will see how it is that never again can you call your disabilities "disabilities." My "disability" is only God's design for me to need your ability, and your "disability" is only God's design for you to need my ability, just like building blocks shaped to fit together, a temple that contains and reveals God.

Lesson 8.3 God Likes Me then presents you with your own personal need to rest in the liking of God for you. But you must also consider the line of balance we must draw, that pretenders also make use of these wonderful truths to pretend before the face of other Christians. We must know the glory of our weakness, for it is out of our bellies that the power of God flows, and out of our mouths that authority casts down all that speaks against the Word God speaks.

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