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22. Love One Another

The great burning of desire filling Jesus' heart as He spoke to His disciples in the upper room, the last words He would speak to them before Gethsemane, was that we should love one another.

There is NO revelation of Jesus Christ apart from you and me, His body, walking together on this earth loving one another with a pure heart fervently.

Begin by opening and reading through The Eighth Most Important Verse in the Bible. I would recommend that you memorize the New King James Version.

Lesson 22.1 Love One Another presents us with the passion filling the heart of Jesus right now - that we love one another.

Lesson 22.2 The Substance of Love explores the meaning and source of love, how we know love, and how we reveal love.

Lesson 22.3 A Laid Down Life ties together the incredible foundation underlying the next session, Session 23: Shaping the Human Heart, including placing the role of a laid down life into the proving of God.

Addtional Material:

The Eighth Most Important Verse in the Bible