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10. Ministry of Christ

Jesus then made an even more extraordinary claim when He said that you and I will do greater works than Jesus did. Was Jesus just blowing smoke? What is the ministry of Christ and how is that ministry released through us?

Lesson 10.1 River of Life brings in the companion verses to rivers of living water flowing out of us, specifically Jesus' statement concerning His own ministry, "The Spirit of the Lord has anointed Me." What do these words mean? How do they apply to us?

Lesson 10.2 Speaking the Ministry of Christ sets in front of you the reasons why we speak Christ our only life and why we prophecy Christ moving out from us in His ministry of life towards others. That ministry is first and foremost to love.

Finally, download a copy of  "Excerpts from the Jesus Secret - The Ministry of Christ. Print a copy and go to a private place. There, speak out loud the reality of the Lord Jesus Christ living through you, bringing life and healing and blessing to all those whom God sends your way.

We believe, therefore we speak.

Additional Material

From The Jesus Secret - on the Ministry of Christ