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2. The Heart of Purpose

Before we can understand God's Purpose and Motive for creating creation and for engaging with us, His purpose for our lives, we must first know what purpose and motive mean. But much more than that, we must know that God is a very Personal Person and we must begin to grasp the nature of God's heart.

Lesson 2.1 Defining Purpose presents the essential nature of words and how we know what they mean along with English definitions of the words "purpose," "motive," "desire," and "dream." How do these concepts apply to the Father?

Lesson 2.2 Does God Have a Heart? zeroes in on the two New Testament verses that speak of God's heart. These two verses will alter forever your knowledge of who this Person is who has seized you for His own purposes.

Lesson 2.3 Motive, Means, and Opportunity provides a framework of understanding by which we can approach grasping God's purpose through the ten most important verses in the Bible. Motive - what does God want out of this whole thing - what does He intend to do? Means - what instruments are at hand for God to do what He intends? Opportunity - does God have the actual opportunity to accomplish His purposes in creation?

The additional resources are provided for your own meditation on the meaning of "heart."

Additional Resources

Stories of Heart Transplants

Follow these links and read the articles on the experience of individuals after having another person’s heart transplanted to their own. Click on each title.

I was given a young man’s heart.

Organ Transplants and Cellular Memories

The Thinking Heart

Then, use the following document for your own study of "heart" or kardia in the New Testament. 

Kardia in the New Testament