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9. Releasing God

Jesus made the extraordinary claim that rivers of living water flow out of the bellies of those who believe in Jesus. Jesus was referring directly to the river of life flowing out from the throne of God. The obvious implication of His words is that God designed you and me in our original makeup to release God as a river of life into His creation. We are specifically constructed by God to reveal the Father as life and love and healing to others.

Begin by reading carefully the third most important verse in the Bible through several translations. Memorize the NKJ version. Allow these words to rest inside of faith inside your heart. Allow Jesus to be what He speaks inside of you.

Lesson 24: The Great Day of the Feast takes you into the context of Jesus words, the exact moment into which He spoke rivers of living water, the final day of the Feast of Tabernacles. In this context we are confronted again with the great debate over "what God looks like." The Jews were convinced that God could not ever "look like" a man.

Lesson 25: Releasing God opens to you the great task given by God to man and the only means by which we could ever accomplish that task. You will receive a clearer view of how Jesus as Word and the Spirit of God always move together, each vitally needing the other in order to accomplish the purposes for which the Father sent them, and how this same Word and Spirit fulfill all the speaking of God inside of us.

Lesson 26: Drink of Me then takes you into a personal and intimate engagement with the Lord Jesus Christ inside your own heart. Invite Him to be all that you are. Drink of Him. Here we begin to catch a glimpse of that most incredible moment in all the history of heaven and earth, the moment you and I turned from Dregs into Joy inside the heart of a man rising to His feet in Gethsemane. 

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