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29. Final Review

We come now to the review of this course, now titled Symmorphy I: Purpose, in preparation for the final exam, your own discovery of the mystery of God, the motive, means, and opportunity by which God Himself appears to His creation in the only place and by the only form He has chosen.

Through humans, His body - you and me!

Review: Speaking the Ten reiterates the critical importance of speaking Christ personal as us. Then the shorter forms of turning the ten most important verses in the Bible into confessions of faith are repeated, followed by the same confessions in a longer form, drawing out from the things we have learned in this course.

Review: Summary I gives a one paragraph summary of each lesson in the course through Session 14: Doorway into Christ.

Review: Summary II continues with the one paragraph summaries of each lesson through the second half of the course.

Review: Looking Forward then positions what we have learned against what we see ahead, the knowledge of God and His reality inside of us that we long, with all our hearts, to explore.