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20. Speak, Ask, Give Thanks

The determination and intentions of God towards us are more gloriously amazing than we have the ability even to compute - to form us together with Jesus as the express image of the Father!

Yet God does not just "do" this to us, else it would be sin. Whatever is not of faith is sin.

God never violates our person, but reveals Himself to us and through us only through our human consent, only through our faith, only through our willing cooperation.

We know that it is not our human works, however, that allows God to prove His determination concerning us, but rather the working of faith. Yet God has given us three specific and simple things all humans can do, of the flesh or not makes no difference.

As we do these three things, speak Christ, ask and believe, and give thanks, our minds change, and we see for real what has been true all along.

Christ is the only life we are.

Lesson 20.1 Speak Christ lays out the foundation of why it is that we are to speak with our own voice box that Christ is all that we are, with a focus on taking ownership of all the good speaking of Christ that fills us full.

Lesson 20.2 Ask and Believe gives the Scriptural foundation for receiving every Word God speaks as Christ Jesus inside of us connecting us as one person together with the Father by every word.

Lesson 20.3 Give Thanks shows how this one action of faith, giving thanks in and for all things, causes us to live every moment AS If we are one with the Father, as if Jesus is our only life.