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7. Our Human Weakness

God created us weak as the counterpoint to His strength. Our human weakness is our glory. We have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us.

Begin with reading The Weakness Verses (below) first. Pay careful attention to the differences between the New King James version and my paraphrase. Ask yourself, "Why the difference?" 

Lesson 7.1 Our Human Weakness is an exploration of the depths of truth and reality found in these verses. Here you will discover the incredible importance to Jesus of your human weakness just as you find yourself to be. You will also find the role of the heart in our being just like God as well as the answer to the question I asked you to ask.

Lesson 7.2 Nor Were Thankful opens up the awfulness of Adam's rebellion. You will see how that rebellion has worked its way into becoming a doctrine and practice of Christian theology, the hatred of being like God. Here you will contend with the startling reasons as to why Christians and non-Christians join together to prevent God from ever showing up on this earth again.

Lesson 7.3 Connect Your Weakness to Jesus will give you pointers on how to know, every moment, that Jesus is all you find yourself to be including as your human weakness. You will see the vital importance of calling Jesus your only self.

Additional Material

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