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29. Review

We come now to the review of this course in preparation for the final exam. This course has raised 27 major questions inside of symmorphy, questions regarding God, man, Christ, and salvation, and has attempted a response to each of them.

Your task in the final exam is to lay out your own present understanding of these four major questions, What is God, What is man, What is Christ, and What is salvation and to do so out from your own symmorphy with God, and out from all you have learned in this course.

Lesson 29.1 Application first establishes you in the only thing that is life, not knowing things "about" God, but rather engaging together with Him as one Pperson with you. The lesson takes you again through the most important exercise in this course, engaging with symmorphy.

The in-between lessons, Summary I & II, do not exist yet. These will be a short summary of each of the lessons in the course.

Lesson 29.4 Looking Forward then positions what we have learned against what we see ahead, the kingdom of God, the mission of Jesus Sent into us, revealing Jesus Sent to all by the love for one another in which we walk. That the world might know.

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