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27. What Is the Apocalypse?

The word "apocalypse" does not mean "total destruction on earth" as modern lingo imagines. Rather, it means to remove the cover, that all things might be seen as they really are.

The apocalypse of Jesus Christ, on the other hand, means that the cover is removed from the eyes of all and Jesus is seen by all as He is, our very life, you and me walking together in love. 

The apocalypse, the revelation of Jesus Christ, this Jesus walking the earth right now in His body, yet unseen and unknown, this removal of the cover off of blind eyes, so that all will see Him as He is, this glory is what everything is all about.

Lesson 27.1 KNOW places knowing God as the reality to which all of God's metaphors and illustrations point. Knowing God is the core substance out from which all the appearance of the new creation proceeds. The lesson recounts all the instances of "know God" found in the New Testament.

Lesson 27.2 On the Use of Metaphors explains God's metaphor language and how it works. This is a language for those who are mature in the word of righteousness, and not for babes who use verses in the Bible to throw them at one another.

Lesson 27.3 To Take Off the Cover investigates the real meaning of the Greek apokalupsis and apokalupto, and includes every instance where these two words, noun and verb appear in the New Testament regarding the unveiling of all things now, in our present world.

Lesson 27.4 The First Day links the fulfillment of the first Day of Tabernacles in the life of the church together with the birthing of the manchild and the unveiling of Jesus Christ. We do not give God peace until He makes Jerusalem, our bride, a praise in all the earth.