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13. What Is Jesus of Nazareth?

This question is the greatest debate in human history. Who do you say that I am?

In-part Christianity has created a definition of Jesus that makes Him tiny, far away, and mostly irrelevant.

We want to know this all here now Person who lives now in our hearts and who connects us in all ways with the Father. However, part of our task is to know what Jesus was as He walked this earth.

How can we know what we are if we do not know what He is? For we are the same as He, created by His design, and God made Jesus exactly the same as us.

More than that, if we are to walk just as Jesus walked in order to abide in Him, then we must know HOW Jesus walked.

Lesson 13.1 What Is Jesus of Nazareth? explores the nature and being of this Man we call Jesus while He walked this earth, including an investigation of His construction. We discover that Jesus was subject to being tempted by sin, not because there was some evil element in His construction, but rather because of where He was placed - under the law.

Lesson 13.2 How Did Jesus Walk? is based on John's assertion that we MUST walk just exactly as Jesus walked in order to know God. Did Jesus walk by the law or did He walk by grace through faith? We know that these are two opposing things. Paul claimed that walking by the law is contrary to Christ. What does it mean that Jesus walked in full symmorphy with the Father?

Lesson 13.3 Because You Have Done This Thing explores the meaning of the Walk of the Atonement from the walk to Gethsemane to the resurrection and to Jesus sprinkling His blood upon the Mercy Seat of God. We discover even more deeply the absolute profundity of the sacrifice of Jesus. One sacrifice for sins forever.