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17. How Was the Cross Perverted?

There is no greater evil operating in this world, and in Christianity in this world, than the use of a perverted cross to split Christians into two, into constant civil war, so that they are easily controlled by those who want to replace Jesus over His Body.

Our cross is our protector, our guarantee of safety, keeping sin and death locked up in an empty grave and keeping us free to live only inside of all that is Christ.

The perversion of the cross came into Christianity through the actions of one man, a psychopathic dictator who pictured himself as Apollo, the god of the sun, and who used the forced unity of his version of Christ and the cross to wield power and cruelty over the entire Roman world.

We must understand this perversion that we might know the true cross of Christ setting us free from all sin and death.

Lesson 17.1 Who Was Constantine? traces the history of Constantine and his rise to power, particularly his "divine vision" of the cross, now a symbol of hacking people into pieces. 

Lesson 17.2 Mind Control discusses the development of scientific/satanic mental programming in our world today and how it is used to split individuals and all of society into disconnected parts. The lesson then shows how the perverted cross is used for this same purpose in the church.

Lesson 17.3 Applying Christian Evil investigates bullies in the church, anyone who needs to "prove" they are in charge, who fights back when they are attacked, anyone who refuses to suffer loss in the contentions of the church. The lesson contrasts clearly the teaching of doubt versus the confidence of Christ.