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4. How Do We Define God?

To define something is to measure it, to outline its boundaries, to make it "finite." Technically, we cannot "define" God, yet everyone does. 

How you and I "define" God for ourselves is the rule over our lives and our future. Yet everyone of us defines God by ourselves, by our own preferences of what God "ought to be." We know God according to our own hearts.

You see, God has clearly placed before us a riddle regarding Himself. To know God, we look at a Man who says to us, "He that has seen Me has seen the Father." But to know what a man might be, God says to us, "A man is the image and likeness of God."

Again, your definition of "God" is the most important idea you hold in your mind. Have you ever thought about how you have planted upon "God" your own thoughts coming out of so many murky sources?

This session begins our discovery of some sort of answer to the greatest of all questions: What Is God?

Lesson 4.1 The God-Man Riddle presents the great riddle of God, this circular definition. We cannot know what God is except by looking at a Man; we cannot know what man is except by looking at God.

Lesson 4.2 Definitions of God attempts to lay out many of the ideas people hold in their minds regarding "God," ideas that are hostile to His very nature.

Lesson 4.3 God Is a Person begins our approach to the question what is God by attempting to define a "person," and how God the Father is the source of all individual personhood.