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10. What Is Faith?

Faith is the human element in our symmorphy with the Lord Jesus Christ. Faith is our permission to another Person, the Lord Jesus, to allow this other Person to enter into our bubble and to become part of us, Person inside of person.

Yet we discover that all humans are symmorphic; that is how we were made. All humans have other persons living inside of them; sin is the same as faith - permission for angels to enter in and become one person together with the human.

But what is faith? And how does it operate?

We never consider a word such as this without immediately and actively engaging together with the Lord Jesus regarding the Word that He speaks. For that reason, please open and engage with the assignment that follows these lessons, "Engage with Symmorphy."

Lesson 10.1 Turn Around re-positions the learner towards a great divide that is beginning to appear in this course, the massive split between life and death, a task that the Spirit of God is presently doing.

Lesson 10.2 Symmorphic Man raises the questions of how can two persons share entirely together the same form, the same spirit, soul, and body, and yet with each one retaining their own honor and identity. In this lesson we discover that symmorphy is a miracle, God doing what seems to us to be impossible.

Lesson 10.3 What is Faith? shows how Jesus connects to us in faith, with our faith being both fully His and fully ours. This lesson also presents our action of faith, speaking good grace into all things.

Lesson 10.4 Engaging with Symmorphy presents us with the challenge of making this word real alive as Jesus inside of us, and the task of actively engaging with God as one person together.

The assignment, Engage with Symmorphy, leads us in a specific path of speaking good grace into all things together with the Father.

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Assignment for this Session: Engage with Symmorphy
Engage with Symmorphy