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12. How Does God Relate with a Shattered Creation?

We seek now to bridge the gap between a creation, both heaven and earth, shattered by sin and death AND the entrance of redemption and it's final outcome, salvation.

God relates with a shattered creation specifically because of blood and by judgment. Yet both blood and judgment must unfold into the human experience through time.

Time is an eternal, all here now God making Himself known in every moment of our lives.

Lesson 12.1 Blood - Time - Judgment lays out a definitional understanding of these three elements of God's relating with humans who are locked under sin and death. The three, blood, time, and judgment, must be known together; they can never be separated.

Lesson 12.2 Before the Cross investigates Blood and Judgment through the 4000 years of the unfolding of the Pro-Knowing of God through the period of time before the cross. The lesson focuses specifically on Abraham, Moses, and David and their witness against Adam's hatred of the tree of life.

Lesson 12.3 After the Cross seeks to understand Blood and Judgment through the 3000 years of the unfolding of the Pro-knowing of God through the period of time known as the church age. The lesson includes the incredible contradiction that took place inside of Paul as he realized that his perfect obedience to the Scripture led him to wage war against Christ.