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7. What Is Heaven/Earth?

Heaven and earth are two parts of the same thing, intrinsically tied together in every conceivable way.

As humans we are spirit/heaven beings through our spirits and physical/earth beings through our bodies, both at the same time and always together. Adam and Eve were normal humans; that is, they saw heaven all around and were as much a part of heaven as they were a part of earth. You and I are also IN heaven, but we are blind and cannot see the obvious.

The cosmos is electrical. Both the electrical force that is all things physical and the life force that is all things spiritual come out of the same Word of His Power and are more related than we might think.

Because Jesus is the Creator and Sustainer of all things by the Word He is continuously speaking, all things are first substance in the pro-knowing of God out from which they take on form and circumstance in the outward appearance of space and time.

Lesson 7.1 Creation explores the nature and reality of the heaven/earth in which we live.

Lesson 7.2 An Electrical Cosmos sets forth the reasons, both Biblical and scientific, why we know that the universe is entirely electrical. The learner is also directed to explore the website:, a fully scientific project that has established the electrical nature of the universe by innumerable proofs.

Lesson 7.3 Substance and Appearance lays out God's incredible principle of the Pro-Knowing of God, the substance of everything and the often very different-looking appearance of things as they unfold in space and time.