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8. What Is Man?

Do you know what you are? Or are you just guessing out from darkness?

John claimed that we do NOT know what we are. If you believe that John spoke the truth, you will cease all fantasy that you might already know what you are.

Most Christians, however, claim that they KNOW that man is man and that Jesus is God and that we humans cannot ever be like Jesus.

Thank God, John spoke the truth; they do not know any such thing.

What is man?

Lesson 8.1 The Original Account presents the reasons why we consider the account of the creation and sin of man in Genesis 1-3 as an accurate and real historical account. Biological evolution is not science because it neither measures nor observes its claims, and as a theory it has been totally falsified.

Lesson 8.2 Forming Man explores Genesis chapter two, a chapter out from which Paul drew much of his gospel, a chapter, we discover, is filled with the most important verse in the Bible, Romans 8:28-30. Man is the channel of life to life or of death to death.

Lesson 8.3 Out of the Same Womb develops the reality of our second birth and what being conceived of God really means. The Bible clearly presents us with the reality that you and I come out of the exact same womb from which Jesus proceeds, being formed in the same manner. This lesson develops the four laws of life.