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26. What is the Manchild?

God's goal through the redemption of Jesus, through Christ planted in the earth, appearing now as His church, is that God might bring many sons to glory (Hebrews 2).

The writers of the New Testament used a number of different illustrations or metaphors to show us this great reality of God's desire. God's desire and goal is to possess a Body for Himself, a temple, many sons just like Jesus through whom an invisible and unknowable God can be seen and known by all creation forever.

One of the most powerful of those illustrations of that many-membered body of God is found in Revelation 12, the manchild born of the Church woman, the mother of us all, and seized into God and into His throne.

What is this manchild? And how does this great truth apply to you and me?

Lesson 26.1 The Christ Child explores the nature of this body of people, God's firstfruits, walking together in love, now in this present age, even while in our present mortal bodies, as the fulfillment of the Feast of Tabernacles in the life of the church.

Lesson 26.2 Anti-Christ positions the great contradiction occurring inside our hearts and minds right now, our identity as the revelation of Jesus Christ walking together in love. There is no such thing as "The Antichrist." Rather, anti-Christ is that spirit that speaks against the Lord Jesus, attempting to drive a wedge between Jesus and us.

Lesson 26.3 Caught into God lays out the Greek words found in Revelation 12:5, the closest companion verse to the most important verse in the Bible, Romans 8:29. We discover that the rod of iron by which the Christ of God shepherds the nations is the Love of God, Father through us bearing all for all.