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17.2 Mind Control

17.2 Mind Control
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Mind Control
You and I are called of God to reveal Christ as He is. We are called to live entirely in life and not in any shadow of death. We know life by studying LIFE, not by studying death. Yet God has set the two in opposing contrast for His purposes.

God’s purpose is to vindicate His Word, to prove that Jesus fulfills all that God speaks through vessels of weakness, faithful and true. God’s purpose is to silence every accusation ever uttered against His Word, and to do so by a specific display of Christ through us that finds each accusation to be without merit.

A Mind Not Christ
Consider the statement, however: “be transformed by the renewing of your minds” in light of “you have the mind of Christ.” Because we are already in full possession of the mind of Christ as our only mind, we speak that mind into the entirety of our own self-story. Yet by doing so, we are recognizing that there is in this world another mind, a mind that opposes Christ.

We never say anything except, “I have the mind of Christ.” And as Christ IS all that we are, then, after that, all that is not Christ vanishes away. Yet we know we are speaking here of a mind that is not Christ.

Another Word
We are speaking of the enormous SPLIT between life and death. This is not any kind of split inside of us, rather it is a universe-sized split between us and all that is death.

As I consider what it means to sing our soul in tune with all the singing of Christ, I am so looking forward to writing the session on “What Is A Sustaining Word?” At the same time, we see that in equal measure and to the same degree, there is another word, accusation, and another mind that screams its story inside the minds of all non-Christians and against the minds of all Christians. This mind-control that is satanic accusation rules over the minds of all by splitting people apart.

Through Eyes of Fire
Most people have no idea the extent of how satanic mind control, developed in modern scientific and military laboratories rules across our world today. This satanic mind control is simply the exact same thing as Constantine’s cross in modern pop-culture and political garb.

What I’m trying to say through all this is that I do believe it is important that we understand exactly how this thing works. We do so in order to stand fully in Christ our only life against all such nonsense, to help us to set our brethren free, and to know exactly what it is that we are casting off of this planet. As we look, now, at evil, we place ourselves utterly inside of Jesus, seeing all things through His eyes of fire.

Study and Sources
So many, when discovering the study of evil and how it works in this present world, find themselves consumed by that study until they see it and not Christ at all. I have also made a study of how evil works in this world, yet by the grace of God I have done so remaining entirely inside of Jesus, and for His glory. I limit that study, and I severely limit its intrusion into what I share with you regarding your life utterly inside of Jesus.

And so with great caution, I point you towards sources of information, sources that I trust to be sincere. I avoid sources that are dark, or that possess an occultic spirit or a religious spirit that clashes against my own spirit.

The Vigilant Citizen
I read some of those things, yes, to be aware. But there is a huge difference between being aware and drawing those things into one’s own way of thinking. I know that difference, and I also know that it is a gift given only to a few. Most people who become aware become way too aware. God has given me grace and I keep myself in that grace.

One decent source of knowledge about satanic mind control as it works in this world is at I do recommend that you peruse his back articles to gain a reasonable understanding of the foundations of what he teaches about the use of occult symbols all through this world. I have found only sincere understanding here, never darkness.

Evaluating Sources
There are a number of researchers who have set out the development of satanic mind control as it is being used by scientific/military/governmental institutions to bring individual people under the control of a “handler” on the one hand and all of society under control using the same principles, on the other hand. One researcher, a Christian man named Fritz Springmeier, is part of Vigilant Citizen’s base of understanding.  

I require two things of any “fact” I might read about. The first is evidence, and the second is just as important, that fact must fit into the frameworks of thinking developed over years by which I already understand all things in this world. We do not read anything to come under the thinking of another.

Scientific/Satanic Mind Control
Let me give you briefly how modern scientific/satanic mind control works.

A primary method is to begin with little children. A chosen child is given a playmate. The two spend much time together playing over many months. They become inseparable. Then, in a carefully orchestrated ritual, the controllers place the younger child right in front of the eyes of their chosen target and hack that child’s body to pieces. And they present this awful image in such a way that the child believes with all his or her heart that it is entirely his fault.

This action splits the child’s soul, that heart energy field, into dis-associated pieces.
Disconnected Pieces
Each of those disconnected pieces of the heart energy field then becomes a complete identity, separate from the others, with its own persona. By using particular signs or words, that child’s “handler” is then able to put the child from one personality to another at command.

Now, if you study, you will see how closely all the elements of this type of programming are related to God’s symbols of Christ in us, yet completely dark. I am speaking of such things as a single eye, or the transformation of a butterfly, and so on; evil can only pervert, it cannot create.

Tools of the Elite
A mind control subject becomes, then, a tool in the hands of the elite. You know the names of many people who underwent such traumatic programming when they were little. Many child actors are such; often, after they come of age, they go all to pieces. I am speaking of such individuals as Lindsey Lohan or Brittney Spears, etc.

Many researchers believe that George W. Bush went through such an experience as a child and that there is a hidden life of crime behind the persona. There is reason to consider that Dick Cheney served as Bush’s handler, putting him into a “Christian” persona when evangelicals came to visit.

The Amazon review of a book on total mind control recommended by Vigilant Citizen says this:

- "When the mind and emotions are put under extreme stress they "break" and create a new mental-emotional state. It is within these mental states - born of trauma - that the mind can be conditioned. …it has been done and tested to the degree of a science. …Through this process you get the Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave. Trauma Based Mind Control creates separate personalities within the individual that will carry out their duty with robotic exactness and then "sleep" so that the individual has no memory of their actions. These people are …placed in positions close to the world’s most powerful people. In short, they are used to manipulate and control the lives of the world elite." -

Dedicated to Evil
Do not think for one moment that evil does not rule this world or that you have not been lied to in every direction by this world.

Now, all of this activity can be traced to such entities as the CIA, the Tavistock Institute of London, the Israeli Mossad. Those high up in Freemasonry are tied tightly into such stuff, including the popes and the leaders of most countries. You don’t climb to power in this world any other way.

If you want to have all doubt removed, just read through Vigilant Citizen’s article on the opening ceremony of the Swiss Tunnel with all the rulers of Europe in attendance; watch the videos. These people are dedicated to satanic evil.

Our Brethren Made Vulnerable
Never forget that unregenerate humans are just as symmorphic as we are and that every thought coming through them is inspired by their embodied servants, fallen angels. Yet it is always the humans who are in charge, and thus we can find the image of God showing through their shattered souls as well if we have eyes to see.

Our primary concern, however, is the ways in which our brethren, believers in Jesus, engage with and tangle themselves all up together with all this appearance of evil. And remember, that’s all evil ever is, appearance only. There is no existence of evil by substance.

It is Constantine’s cross that makes our brethren vulnerable.

That Is Your Fault
There is zero difference between the Christian crucifix, the cross as it is used to beat upon God’s people, and the action of breaking a child’s mind by ripping apart the body of another in a gory demonstration of violence or any other form of induced trauma. And by stating in no uncertain terms – this is YOUR FAULT. Such a thought does not come from the New Testament.

Go to The Lion King. Scar pointed to Simba’s father, his body ripped apart by the wildebeests as he had tried to save Simba. And Scar said to Simba, “That is your fault.”

There is no difference. It is the essence of evil in this world and in Christianity.

Under Control
I apologize for this view of darkness; my heart is to establish you in Jesus alone. Yet we must know the real meaning of the false cross presented by most of those who call themselves Christians. This false cross ruled in the fellowship of communities in which I lived for many years, always taking a higher place above the other word, Christ in you.

Let me define a “cult.” A cult is not defined by the outward form of any group, rather it is defined by a specific action. That specific action is to use any form of “God’s displeasure” as a device to exert external power over an individual person, to keep that person inside the “group,” and thus under control.

God’s Great Pleasure
And the “device” that best expresses God’s “displeasure of you” is Constantine’s false definition of the cross.

Our cross expresses God’s great pleasure to place us into Christ and there to keep us safe from all sin and death that we might busy ourselves with the one task given to us, to know this God and this Jesus Sent who live in us and who flow out from us as rivers of Life.

Yet God has graced me with a life of up-front experience with every aspect of this false use of the cross as it expresses itself even among godly, loving, Spirit-filled Christian people. We must understand this false cross that we might show our brethren the true at every point, for the false is woven all through Christian thinking and theology.

Our Antidote
We possess the antidote to the false cross, however. Our antidote is the Mercy Seat of God, our very hearts. The love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us (Romans 5:5).

Father and us together, one together in sweet communion, draw even those who wield the false cross over their brethren into this love overflowing from our hearts, here above the Blood inside of Jesus. And as we speak forgiveness and good grace, we release our brethren from their bullying, their pretending and all their despair under death.

We set them free by laying down our life, by setting forth our souls for them, Father and us together.

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