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3. What Is Reason?

God is a God of logic and reason. God is a God of order. Human reason, empty of God, is, of course, empty of wisdom. But the mind of Christ, which we possess as our own, is anointed by the Holy Spirit. As we see all things through the eyes of Jesus, we see as He sees. Thus our human reason becomes a servant to us, taking us ever further into the knowledge of God.

Lesson 3.1 Logic and Thinking takes us through the processes by which godly reason considers facts and arranges those facts into patterns.

Lesson 3.2 Science versus Religion explores the knowing capacity of both human mind and human spirit. When both are empty of God, then scientism, or lies in the "name of science," and religious control are the only result. But when both are filled with God, then wisdom and Spirit-knowing are the result.

Lesson 3.3 Replacing False with True investigates how we can be assured of knowing that which is true, of knowing God's definitions of all things. At the same time, the lesson lays out patterns of thinking as they are differentiated between what this course teaches versus how Nicene Christianity typically thinks.

Additional Material

Four Great Perversions (from The Feast of Tabernacles)