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14. What Is Redemption?

Redemption is the price Jesus paid to purchase us. But two very large questions before us are What did Jesus buy? and Whom did Jesus pay?

If Jesus paid His life, represented by His blood, the greatest value in the universe, then who made off with all that wealth? And what did Jesus obtain in return?

The absolute profundity of the sacrifice of Jesus through the entire walk of the atonement, it's inclusion of all of creation, and it's total impact on you and me is where we must begin. We cannot walk as Salvation Revealed unless we know the foundation of Blood, Cross, and Resurrection upon which we walk.  

That foundation is redemption.

Lesson 14.1 Placing Redemption finds the reality of our redemption inside of God's purpose and inside of our own human construction. In this lesson we discover that redemption is not for God; redemption is entirely for us. In order for us to enter into God, Jesus must first win our hearts and then He must change our minds.

Lesson 14.2 The Living Lamb-Slain raises the questions of whom did Jesus pay and what did Jesus buy? The answers to those questions will surprise you; hopefully, they will change your life forever. Jesus wins our hearts by offering Himself to be the only self we are.

Lesson 14.3 A Complete Exchange investigates how our redemption is a life for a life, a complete exchange, Jesus' Self in full and in complete trade for our old self gone. In this lesson we see how it is that every word God speaks enters into us only through our immediate faith, only as we ask and believe.