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11. What Are Sin and Death?

We cannot cease from sin unless we know what sin is for the believer in Jesus. In fact the actions of attempting "not to" sin can be sinful in themselves.

And we cannot defeat death unless we know what death is. As we seek to discover a clear working definition of death, however, we find that the Greek word for death, thanatos, has many different definitions as it is used in different New Testament verses.

As we seek to understand these two things, we discover that death comes first, that death causes sin and sin causes death.

Lesson 11.1 What Is Sin? proposes that sin is contextual (does not mean "relative"), that sin is something different for angels, for Adam, under the law, and for the believer in Jesus. The lesson then sets forth a clear definition of "sin" in each of those contexts.

Lesson 11.2 What Is Death? lays out a specific and clear Biblical definition of death for the human. Death has three parts. The death of the human spirit comes first; the death of the human soul comes second; and the death of the human body comes last. Death is an unfolding of consequence.

Lesson 11.3 The Curse is not an attempt to define the "curse." Rather, the lesson lays before us the reality of a cursed heaven/earth, along with the deadly contributions of modern man, and the desire we hold to see that curse broken.