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23. What Is a Reigning Lord?

Jesus is Lord. Yet He is Lord in a completely different way than the command and control of this human and angelic world. Our Lord is the Servant of all.

Everything that exists, including and especially you and me, comes out of the Lord Jesus Christ every moment as Sustaining Word. Jesus speaks all things good. And by His authority, He, together with us, bends all actions of evil towards the end result of goodness.

Yet for each one of us to know what is a Sustaining Word, we ourselves must speak Christ, must put the Lord Jesus Christ into our mouths, as we are commanded by the gospel. Only as Jesus' own Self-story becomes the only story we speak regarding ourselves do we begin to resonate together with the voice of the Son of God.

Jesus walks this earth today in all reality, as He promised, inside of His physical body, you and me, the very body of Christ. And this same Jesus, Savior AND Salvation, is the only life we are. We live by His every Word.

Lesson 23.1 Jesus as Lord establishes the declarations of God that Jesus IS Lord. Yet it appears that nothing in this world is under His command. How then is He Lord? The lesson then places word and words at the center of all things. Word and Spirit cannot ever be separated. Neither word without Spirit, nor spirit without Word can ever be of God.

Lesson 23.2 Contradiction presents the speaking of the evil one, accusation, as it continues to work in the minds of our brethren. The lesson shows the importance of speaking Christ in order to replace all the words we received from this world and from demons. The reasons are explored as to why some, upon hearing a word of speaking Christ, choose not to persist in that word, preferring, rather, than their own self-story.

Lesson 23.3 Jesus as Seed investigates what the Seed of the Father by which we are conceived of God really is. Jesus alone makes us like Himself.