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9.2 A Symmorphic Christ

9.2 A Symmorphic Christ
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A Symmorphic Christ
Jesus is the Pattern by which you and I were originally created. Jesus is the Seed by which you and I are constructed anew as born again sons of God. Jesus is the image into which we are being transformed. Jesus is the Son whom we are made exactly like as we see Him as He is.

We can know and understand ourselves and our salvation ONLY as we know and understand Jesus as our pattern, Jesus Sent into us. I have stated often that we are not just like Jesus in personality or temporal ministry, but rather in relationship with Father.

Symmorphy Is Scalable
Therefore, in order for us to understand our symmorphic relationship with Jesus, we must know Jesus’ symmorphic relationship with the Father as He walked this earth. As we study and consider how Jesus related with Father and Father with Jesus through Jesus’ time in the flesh, we transfer that same relationship to ourselves right now with Jesus.

More than that, scalability is not just a “science” term applied to electrical events as we studied in What Is Heaven/Earth. Rather, the scalability of electrical events from an atom to a galaxy is simply something that comes out of an inherent characteristic of divinity. Symmorphy is also scalable.

We can understand “scalable” best by illustration.

Jesus is larger than the universe; a human being seems tiny compared to a Christ who creates and sustains all things, yet this omnipresent Jesus is and always IS human. In a similar proportion, the human body is made of around 37 trillion cells, yet the nature of each of those tiny cells is identical in many ways to the overall human: spirit, soul, and body. A pillar of fire on the sun is as much larger than a static spark as the human body is larger than a single cell; however, everything about the pillar of fire is 100% true regarding the static spark. They are the same thing.

The Exact Same Thing
The great Birkeland currents powering the Milky Way are as much larger in size in comparison to the “tiny” pillars of fire on the sun as Jesus, the sustaining word of power is to we “tiny humans.  The pillars of fire on the sun, however, are identical in every way to the far, far larger Birkeland currents – and so is the static spark arcing out from your finger.

We understand ourselves and Jesus in this same way. Everything Jesus is in Father is eternal and infinite, that is, BIG. Yet everything Jesus is in us, while incredibly smaller, is still the exact same thing! And we also find the same thing happening in a single cell.

Knowing Me
Now, I want to position the relationship between Father on the one hand and Spirit and Son on the other, although I don’t want to take this comparison very far.

I am a soul, a psyche, a self-aware self-conscious entity, yet my soul cannot be seen or measured; it exists only at the conjunction of my spirit and my body. When you get to know me, you are knowing me only by and through my spirit on the one hand and my body on the other; you cannot know me any other way. Through my spirit, I am known to the heavens, including to your spirit, and through my body, I am known to the earth, including your physical sight and touch.

Knowing Father
On an infinitely larger scale, the Father is the same as me, bearing all the characteristics of self-awareness and heart that I bear.  AND this Father cannot be known in and of Himself alone. Rather, Father is known only at the junction of Spirit and Son.

As we come to the Father, we know Him in the heavens through the Spirit and we know Him in the earth through the Son. The Father communicates with all the realms of the heavens, including our spirits, through His Spirit. And the Father communicates with all the physical realms of earth through His Son.

A Human Cell
Now, let’s take another approach. A human cell has three parts, the nucleus, the cell wall, and the cytoplasm, or everything in between the nucleus and the cell wall. Inside the nucleus is the DNA, which always remains there inside its own protective sheathe. The cell communicates and interacts with the rest of the body through the cell wall. But all the work of the cell takes place in the cytoplasm.

Now, here’s the wondrous thing. By the simple picture of how a human cell works, we can see how Son and Spirit form the nature of Father inside of us.

This is not a study of biology, so I will simply generalize. The nature and form of the entire human body is in the DNA kept safe inside the nucleus. When entities inside the cytoplasm want to do work, they make use of a copy of the DNA design known as RNA. Then, the entity inside the cytoplasm takes molecules it has obtained from the blood stream through the outer cell wall and builds something, such as a protein, out of those molecules using the pattern of the RNA as its design.

In a similar way, the Holy Spirit uses the elements of our human frame, spirit, soul, and body, to put us together as the Body of God using the pattern of Christ as our design.

What Is a Symmorphic Christ?
Just as Jesus, every Word God speaks, is the pattern, the DNA, of the overall Body of God, so Jesus is the pattern, the RNA, of each one of us as individual members of Christ.

With all this in mind, let’s go back, now, to the relationship of symmorphy between Father and Son, knowing that we are looking at the exact same relationship between Jesus and us as it exists on a much smaller scale.

First, what is a symmorphic Christ? You and I are heaven beings via our spirits and earth beings via our bodies, yet we are one, and the marriage union between our spirits and our bodies is complete. Christ Jesus is the same, but on a universal scale.

Comparing Us with Jesus
In Lesson 8.2 Forming Man, we looked at a chart depicting the parts of the human person in relationship to heaven and earth. Here we have a condensed form of that chart along with a similar form depicting the Lord Jesus Christ.

My Body My Spirit
Earth Heaven
Father God
Human Divine
Mankind Father God
Just is I am one person existing and expressing myself in two dimensions, always together, both at the same time, so Jesus is one Person, yet always of two dimensions always one.

Jesus IS All Here Now
Whatever Jesus IS as DNA inside of God, so Jesus IS as RNA inside of me, that genetic code of God intended specifically out of the pro-knowing of God for me, Daniel Yordy, as a unique individual – and the same with you.

Now, we do not think of Jesus as He is now, a life-giving Spirit, as temporal or finite. Jesus has never been temporal or finite. In substance, Jesus IS ALL HERE NOW and always Personal in every moment and in every place. In appearance, in the unfolding of time, Jesus showed Himself in a specific manner, an appearance ruled by Jesus in substance. We will look at “time” in an upcoming session. Substance rules appearance, NEVER the other way around.

Things to Ponder
Jesus could not have appeared as human inside of creation if Jesus were not first Human inside of the omnipresence and eternality of God. Thus we think of Jesus completely other than time, even while we also know the Jesus who walked this earth.

Yes, Substance rules appearance, but Substance and appearance are one – full marriage union. Appearance is the unfolding of the knowledge of Substance inside of space and time, inside of heaven and earth.

These are things to ponder over time until understanding comes, yet these are not ideas for our minds, but must become the knowing of age-abiding Life as Christ Jesus inside of us.

How Does Symmorphy Work?
I am in the Father and the Father in Me. How did symmorphy work inside of Jesus during the unfolding of His appearance in space and time? Person inside of Person and Person inside of Person, a relationship that is like the two lanes of a road, always going in both directions at the same time.

I and the Father are One. Jesus was not two, He was one, and although Jesus was not the same One as the Father, He was always One with the Father. Jesus was One in Himself AND One with the Father. The Father arose into Jesus’ knowing out from His own heart.

Adam Rejected His Heart
I saw a bit of nonsense on Facebook, the claim that Adam followed his heart – and look where it took him. BALONEY. The fall of Adam was that he failed to follow his heart, a heart that was yearning for the tree of Life and instead allowed another person to convince him of something not true – even while knowing it was not true. Adam did not follow his heart, nor even his head; he followed arrogance and envy.

Jesus followed His heart; He followed the Father. Same thing. Whatever the Father does, the Son also does in like manner. For the Father loves the Son, and shows Him all things that He Himself does (John 5:19-20 modified).

Jesus Knows Love
Jesus is One. There is no negotiation going on between two. The Father does not tell Jesus to do this or that in some outward form, as if they are two and not one. Yet Jesus always communes with the Father as another Person, yet another Person always and utterly inside His own Person.

Jesus KNOWS that whatever it is that He happens to be “seeing,” it is the Father showing Him what to see. He KNOWS such a thing for one reason; He KNOWS that He lives only inside the LOVE of the Father for Him. Jesus expects that God is always leading Him, because He knows that God IS.

Another Voice
Because Jesus wraps Himself utterly in the acknowledgement of the Love of God utterly keeping Him, utterly enveloping Him, utterly leading Him, Jesus takes every step, breathes every breath, thinks every thought KNOWING that all of it is the Father in Him.

EXCEPT when He hears a voice He does not know. Anyone who trusts voices is not wise.

The tempter came to Him, and said, “If You are the Son of God, command that these stones become bread” (Matthew 4:3). The voice of the accuser is so obvious; he always challenges self-identity, something the Father never does.

I Follow My Own Heart
I do not do voices. When I hear a “voice,” I get scared and clam up. The one and only time God ever told me to “do” something, I could not do it at all. God said to me, “Give My people hope.” I did not hear that as a command. I heard it as a tender call arising out from my own heart.

Do you know why I write these letters, making them as encouraging to you as I know how? I am following my heart. I am following the desire of God always arising inside of me.

God IN Christ
For in Him dwells all the fullness of a Personal God bodily (Colossians 2:9a – modified from the Greek). – God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself (2 Corinthians 5:19a).

The Greek word translated into the useless English word “Godhead” is theotes, which is the feminine form of theos and refers to the Personal nature of the Father, and thus the Personal nature of Spirit and Son in Whom the Father dwells and through Whom the Father reveals Himself.

Theotes does not mean “the trinity.” In Christ in us dwells all the fullness of a Personal God bodily. – God is in Christ in us reconciling the world to Himself.

Reconciling the Cosmos to Himself
There are many more verses from Genesis to Revelation that open to us aspect after aspect of the Symmorphy of Father and Son and thus the symmorphy of Jesus and us. We now have a framework of understanding, so as the Holy Spirit brings every word that is Christ into the forefront of our minds, we will know even better where and how that Word fits.

Where I am, there you are also – Believe that I am in the Father and the Father in Me – KNOW that I am in the Father and you in Me and I in you.

And what is this Father inside of Christ doing inside of us through every moment and particle of our lives?  Father is reconciling the cosmos to Himself.

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