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5. What Is God?

John gives us four short statements regarding what God is.

God is Spirit; God is Love; God is Word; and God is Light.

We must look at each one of these in order to have the larger picture of what is God. Yet, although we do know God by each one of these statements, they each raise for us even larger questions regarding this God who fills us with All that He IS and tells us to call Him Father.

Lesson 5.1 God Is Spirit lays out the form of God, eternal and omnipresent, that is, All Now and All Here. Almost all Christians I know see God as finite and NOT omnipresent, for they exclude God from inside of themselves. Such an exclusion is impossible.

Lesson 5.2 God Is Love discovers the core agony inside of God; Love must love a beloved. We see God-Is-Love most clearly in Gethsemane as Jesus traded Himself for us.

Lesson 5.3 God Is Word bases our investigation on the Greek words of John 1:1. John did not say that the Word is God; he said that God is Word. We understand Word to be the life and the wisdom of God.

Lesson 5.4 God Is Light lays out the several aspects of Light, the holiness of God and the justice of God. Light is God revealed.