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Welcome to Christ Revealed Bible Institute

Please read Give Me a Place to Stand.

Enjoy a wonderful worship song.
Image of the Firstborn by Bayila Dalaky

Used with permission. (To download, right click and save audio as.)

You are the firstborn, and I lay my head in your bosom every moment of my being. 
Ya Yesu (Lord Jesus) I love you, You have made me one with you, O-o I am.

I'm like you, You're like me, just the way you are. This is who I am.
I see you, as you are, like in the mirror, and from my head to toe.

You fill my hunger, and you are the hidden manna, thank you Father for always.
Ya Yesu (Lord Jesus) I love you, you have made me one with you, O-o I am.

O-o, one plus one equals one, this is union and communion.
O-o, You and me the mystery.
O-o, this is union and communion.

Dear Friends,

This Bible Institute is a journey. It's entire purpose is to enable you to know the Lord Jesus Christ living in all of His glory inside of you.

It may be, as you engage with the courses and with the brothers and sisters who share this journey with you, that the Lord Jesus will speak many things to you. If He does, keep engaging with the courses; if He does not, that's perfectly fine. He knows what He is doing with you; I know that He will speak to you from wherever He chooses.

Although I have many more courses under development, we must start at the beginning. The first course must answer the question why in your heart.

God's Purpose.

What does God want?

Without a full and true answer to this question directing our steps and how we see all things, an answer that can come from only one place, God Himself, out of His own heart, we cannot know where anything else fits or what anything else might mean.

In this first course I want to engage you with what God actually says at the core of the New Testament. Thus this course is a close look at the ten most important verses in the Bible.

However, I never consider engaging you with ideas. My only interest is to provide a place, a garden bower seat, for you to sit with Jesus and Jesus with you, to learn of Him, to know Him alone. 

If I succeed, I have done all.

In the love of Christ, Daniel Yordy