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About Christ Revealed Bible Institute

Christ Revealed Bible Institute is a newly launched (June, 2015) online-only Bible School set at the junior college level. Although not accredited, our courses are designed to meet typical college-level criteria for learning in an online environment. At present we have one course that registered members can enroll in and begin, though it is still in the process of being created. Other courses will be added soon. Fellowship forums are also a part of Christ Revealed Bible Institute [CRBI].

CRBI is hosted on a Moodle platform at the following link:; with introductory pages at



All BIBL and SYMM courses at CRBI are offered to all registered members free of charge. Free enrollment includes access to all course materials, full inclusion in course forums and discussions, minimal commenting by course instructors and guides, and grading of those assignments that allow for automatic Moodle grading.

ENGL and other academic courses cost $100 per credit hour, typically $300 per 3-credit course.

All free courses can be upgraded by any member to full student enrollment at $100 per credit hour, which will then include full instructional comments, grading of all work, a final course grade with a certificate of course completion, as well as access to transcripts and a document attesting to the college-level validity of the course requirements.

"Credits" at CRBI are unaccredited, however, and CRBI makes no warranty or representation that these credits will be recognized or accepted by any other educational institution.

All who enroll in CRBI must take the course, SYMM 1001: The Purpose of God, before proceeding on to other courses or participating in any forum discussion. The one exception to this rule is for those who are interested only in the writing courses. For them, ENGL 1005: Writing Proficiency is the first course required before any other writing course can be taken. Those who take the writing courses only can read, but not participate in the Fellowship forums.


Theological Perspective:

All courses at CRBI follow a theological perspective that has specific and impassable walls and no ceiling whatsoever.

Our theological beliefs are limited entirely within the following points.

  1. Christ lives in our hearts through faith – Ephesians 3:17. By “Christ,” we mean specifically the Lord Jesus Christ – in all that He is and means.
  2. The sacrifice and atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ is foundational to all things, larger than the universe, and without limitation of any kind.
  3. God intends to conform us to (fuse us together with) the image of His Son, the Lord Jesus, to make us just like the Lord Jesus in all ways except honor – Romans 8:29; 1 John 3:2. Everything for us in the Bible and in our lives serves that purpose only.
  4. Eternal life is one thing only – to know the Father and to know Jesus Christ whom God has sent – John 17:3.
  5. Salvation, now and forever, is one thing only, living entirely inside of and out from John 14:20 – Know that I (the Lord Jesus Christ) am in the Father and you in Me and I in you.
  6. Every Word God speaks in the Covenant we signed with Him enters into us only through our active faith and only by the immediate miraculous operation of the Holy Spirit, and every Word God speaks is fulfilled as the Lord Jesus personally and in fullness in our lives right here on this earth right now in this age.
  7. Although we exercise our right in God to remain free from religious bullying, we receive with open arms all who belong to and love the Lord Jesus as members of His body together with us.
  8. Everything happening in heaven and earth right now is bent by God towards one focus, the culmination of the ages, the revelation of Jesus Christ through His many membered body, walking right now on this earth, Christ Revealed.

Inside these eight specifics, we take all that God speaks as far as we can go without limitation of any kind and in the full certainty of boldness (no ceiling). Inside these eight specifics, we believe all that God speaks.

Outside of these eight specifics are many things concerning the nature of the universe and the affairs of this world that can be discussed intellectually. We believe nothing apart from what God speaks; but we study many things of interest.

However, all discussion at CRBI is bent in some way to one thing, living inside of and seeing out from John 14:20. Otherwise we are just not interested. In fact, we find that any “theological” discussion that does not come out of or takes no one into John 14:20 is simply abhorrent to us.


Educational Perspective:

Jesus said, “Learn of Me, for I am meek and lowly of heart.” For that reason, we have positioned those who are engaged with the courses at CRBI as learners, with ourselves included. We together are engaged with eternal life, that is, knowing the Father and knowing Jesus-Sent. Although the mind is certainly engaged with this learning, the heart and spirit more so. The hope of these courses is to exercise us who are learning to know the Father in the development of our hearts, our spirits, and our minds, to contain and to release God Almighty.

The educational philosophy employed at CRBI is primarily cognitive and social constructivism. All truth is personal. Universal truth is never some static construct, but always and only the Person of the Lord Jesus. Constructivism contains three elements, that knowledge is personally constructed inside an individual learner, that all learning experiences must be authentic, and that learning takes place in a social environment.

“Learn of Me,” then, comes into each individual believer as an ongoing and intimate personal relationship. The knowledge that is eternal life is a construction of intimate communion between the learner and the Father through the Person of the Lord Jesus. Authentic learning means that all ideas presented in a course or lesson become life only as the learner engages directly with the Father concerning that word. Cognitive for us means primarily that each learner must engage with the Word God speaks personally and individually. Social means that the courses at CRBI are designed to be taken with and as a fellowship of believers, with much discussion and sharing of Christ.


Prospective Bible Institute Members:

All believers in Jesus belong to Him alone. He is Lord; He works all things by the counsel of His own will; and He does all things well. The Lord Jesus may choose to use a course at CRBI to show Himself to an individual believer, or not – the choice is entirely His and without reference to us whatsoever. If the Lord Jesus through you chooses to walk with us in this fellowship of Christ, then we are simply excited, and if He does not, then we bless you with all of our hearts, knowing that He knows exactly what He is doing through you.

Most believers in Jesus carry a lot of theological baggage, a lot of ideas about God, a lot of concepts that God does not say. Any new member of CRBI must expect to have many if not most of those ideas shattered, big time.

One idea ONLY will remain. – Jesus lives in my heart.

If we can be reduced down to that one thing, Jesus lives in my heart, only then can God begin to show us what He really means by what He says.

Thus who enroll in CRBI must be willing for many popular ideas concerning heaven, hell, God, man, salvation, human history, and this world to be shattered. For us, the “normal” Christian pose is to be silent before the Almighty concerning ourselves and to receive all that He actually says with the same faith exhibited by Mary. Those who enter with wide open Bibles and wide open hearts will find much upon which to feed. Those who already “know” what everything is all about will likely find nothing much of interest at CRBI.

The members of CRBI share one common attribute – we WANT to be found inside of Jesus and He inside of us as He is revealed in His glory. Although we enjoy all the good things God has given us, we don’t much want anything else. Yet we also share this, inside of that desire, we are completely weak. We are utterly unable to “produce” what we want, yet we will not be turned aside.

In order for any individual to register at CRBI, agreement must be checked on three things. (The courts consider clicking “I agree” to be a legally binding contract.)

  1. I desire to know the Lord Jesus above all and to learn of Him with fellow believers.
  2. I understand that I will hear and read things I may never have considered before, but I am willing to take everything before the Lord with my heart and Bible wide open.
  3. I have read the website terms and conditions, and I agree to follow them. - I also agree to follow all forum and assignment guidelines.


Daniel Yordy:

Daniel Yordy grew up in the Mennonite church and in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. At the age of twenty, he followed his heart into the Canadian wilderness of northern British Columbia where he committed himself to a Christian fellowship known as the move of God and to eighteen years of living in the context of intentional Spirit-filled Christian community.

A fuller story of Daniel’s experiences through the years, along with a video recording, can be found here: My Life.

Although Daniel left that fellowship with his family in 1998, he remained committed to the vision of the revelation of Jesus Christ birthed in his heart through his years in community. In 2006, he heard a word he had not considered before: “Speak what God says you are.” Since God says that we are just like Jesus as we see Him as He really is, Daniel again committed his heart and life to know the furthest extent of what God means by what He speaks, and by speaking what God speaks, to call those things that be not as though they are.

Daniel Yordy has obtained a Master’s Degree in Education and is by present trade a teacher of English and of writing. At the age of 53, Daniel realized that he has lived inside the autism spectrum all of his life, in a portion of that spectrum known as Asperger’s syndrome. That condition brings difficulty, yes, but also a particular ability – the ability to see patterns others may miss.

And so, with a quiet and humble heart, he offers to you the things God has taught him through 39 years of longing to know the Lord Jesus Christ with all his heart and through many tears inside the probing dealings of a holy God.