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Give Me a Place to Stand

Give Me a Place to Stand
© 2017 Christ Revealed Bible Institute

This word reverberates all through me.

Give me a place to stand and I will move the earth.

Writing Symmorphy IV: Covenant has changed something in me, or rather, God has changed something in me as I wrote Covenant. I began this last journey in a sense of knowing the sending of God upon me in a way that I had not known up until now.

And finishing this journey through Covenant has given me what I did not possess until now.


You see, as an Asperger’s man, I deplore all fakery and pretending. To consider myself as having been “sent by God” with a word to His Church has never been inside my presentation. I am not given to religious excitement, though I know Spirit deeply. I walked away in tears and loss from everything I had devoted my life to in its entirety because I could not pretend to be something I am not.

I require REAL.

And so, for one such as I to publicly declare these words in all sincerity, in all that they mean, “Give me a place to stand, and I will move the earth,” is neither flippant nor boastful, but rather a statement of the deepest urgency and intention.

And when I say to you, dear reader, “Give me a place to stand,” this is a personal request asking you to give me from yourself something real.

Let me explain myself.

I have inside of me a word given to me by God planted all through the pathways of my heart through many years and inside of deep travail. This word is not for me, but for God’s precious people. And as I have completed Symmorphy IV: Covenant, God has given me four specific things.

One of those four is not a clear and simple understanding of Covenant. We have a problem here, Houston. Every single Covenant verse and concept I have investigated in this course has gotten bigger and bigger with every discovery. Verses I thought were knowable now point me to vistas I have never considered. My desire to specify this Covenant we have entered into with God and He with us has presented me with a much more intensively difficult task than I had realized.

Indeed, in order for me to complete Session 28: Simplifying the Covenant, I will need much time and study. Casting the rest of Covenant into textbook form may well be part of that endeavor before I can finish Session 28. Some might notice that I changed Session 28 from Specifying to Simplifying. The Lord showed me that I should present that chapter in a clear and simple form as writing to a general Spirit-filled Christian audience.

But here are the four things God has given me.

First, I am content, now, that I have all that I need to teach Symmorphy I: Purpose, that is, the ten most important verses of the Bible, with all clarity and directedness and to many in every place. I understand those ten verses as I need to understand them in order to give to God’s people God’s full intention now in fulfilling the proof of His mystery from the beginning through the Church.

Second, finishing Covenant has given me such a clearer view of that wondrous vision that came upon us through Kingdom – a complete and fulfilled Church, millions of Spirit-filled believers in Jesus walking together as all the fullness of Christ, yet still in these bodies of mortal flesh, loving one another with a pure heart fervently.

I am willing to risk everything to call her forth into her place.

Third, many readers sharing with me in tangible ways have given me evidence that I have, in fact, successfully convinced some regarding Communities of Christ across this earth, the vision that has carried my heart since I was a youth. A brother who has given me so very much in more ways than one said to me, “Daniel, I want to come to Houston so that I can work so that you can be free to write.” Another brother from another country has told me that he has received a house as an inheritance and now is believing God to bring forth a Community of Christ in that place.

And for the first time in many years, I see the word which I have cast across many waters returning to me to be my home for me and my family. Of truth, we are in great need, now, of such a home.

When the brother from another country wrote to me about starting a Community of Christ there, the Lord used that moment to work some corrections inside of me. The first was the Lord saying to me, “Daniel, it’s not your word or your vision, but Mine. And I will use it to bring forth My Church without needing you.” “Amen, Lord,” was my quick and joy-filled response.

But the second correction was this. I had been thinking about postponing the writing of Symmorphy V: Life just a bit, putting some other things percolating inside in its place. That idea vanished immediately. I am NOT like some of my predecessors. I will not point you towards the vision of Christian Community and then leave you liable to failure and ruin. I will NOT lead people to heartache and loss, saying, “Oh, just trust in Jesus.”

Everything going into Symmorphy V: Life will be things I have pondered in the center of my being through many, many real and difficult circumstances inside the church and over forty years. And out from all that God has taught me, I hope to place that wisdom of Christ that will give you that perspective you MUST have to know Christ in His Church.

Let me give a for instance. You cannot ever know successful Church without having weekly governmental meetings attended by every adult in the Community and conducted in a very specific and focused way. If you try Community without instituting such a practice as I will teach it to you, then I guarantee bitterness and ruin.

In complete contrast to the warning of ruin, however, here is the fourth thing God has given me out from finishing Covenant.


I am an angry man this morning, for we have been ROBBED!

The evil one has stolen from all Christians our greatest treasure, knowing Christ in and as one another, and he has replaced it with the nothingness of “waiting for heaven.”

And my anger is fiercely directed – for the SAKE OF THE CHURCH.

Give me a place to stand, and I will move the earth.

Let me explain fully both sides of that statement, first “Give me a place to stand,” and then, in conclusion, “I will move the earth.”

Give me a place to stand.

(Please hear these words as a definite request, me personally asking you for this place.)

As an Asperger’s man, “taking my place” is not something I am capable of doing. Nor do I ask God to help me to be something I am not. The truth is, God made me this way because He is tired of sending people who are capable of “taking their place” in the face of His Church.

Let me share an example of how it works for me.

When I first started teaching school, I loved every aspect of the experience of teaching. But one of those many aspects was my teacher’s chair behind my teacher’s desk inside the bounded walls of my teaching classroom and in front of the inquiring eyes of my students. Teaching school gave me a PLACE.

Then one day, a number of high school girls were in my classroom during lunch time chatting merrily with each other, and, of all things, with me. I cannot chat with teenage girls, yet there I was, part of their conversation BECAUSE I had a place. Then one of them sat down in my chair behind my desk. Instantly my PLACE vanished from me. I immediately closed my mouth. All sense of being the teacher vanished. I had no ability to connect with these girls. I was flabbergamusted and space-eyed, to say the least!

After a few minutes the girl got up from my chair and came back among the student desks. Instantly my place returned to me and I could relax into my now defined and now known role.

It was years later before I learned that such a thing is common to those who, like me, are Asperger’s.

When I have a defined place given to me from which to give, then you would be amazed at how brilliantly and how fluently I can teach out from the depths found all through my being. But when I do not have such a place given to me, then everything stumbles and short circuits. I am unable to give much of anything.

There is only one reason why I can write as I do. And that reason is that you read my letters.

There is only one way that I could share this word as the Word of the Lord publicly and that is if a small group of people believed that what I was sharing with them was the Word of the Lord to them and thus drew this word out from me as Christ Himself.

What I mean by “a place to stand,” is you, that is, by you, the place only you can give to me.

If all you who read my letters were gathered together in one place with your families and  with us as the family of God, you together would draw from me such power and grace in the word that the heavens would indeed open to us. And I say that, not to boast in anything of myself, for there is certainly nothing there, but entirely of Christ Jesus, the only life we are.

Yet I am not alone. Some have shared with me that as they have embraced and walked in and thus understood this word of Christ I share, they have found the Scriptures coming into them and flowing through them in their sharing, whether in writing or speaking, that is the same flow as they have seen in me. And thus this word, in any gathering together has become a corporate word, the voice of many waters, the strongest confirmation of Christ as Word that there is.

But, let’s bring this “Place” I am asking you to give me down to specific realities. It is time for us to begin a Community of Christ. And for that we need a property. This property should be in a rural or semi-rural setting, yet not isolated.  It should have some small means of earning provision as well as living places for specific brethren who are planning now to join with me in this beginning.

Here is one definite possibility.  Please take the time to look at and read about this property. Here is the website of the park –  Specifically, an RV and Trailer Park holds a number of great possibilities. First, there is place in which to establish dwelling places, however simple their beginnings. And second, the property provides a modest income including the ability to pay back the initial investment.

I have looked at other RV parks that are on the market as well, parks that have many more buildings suitable to starting a community and would provide a larger income, but would require much more work as well as a much larger investment. Here is one such park for sale, not far from the smaller one in Hawkins, Texas. This park, actually, is ideal to our purposes much more than the smaller one, should the Lord give it to us.

I have studied both carefully, but while the larger park holds greater potential, it also carries a greater burden. The park in Hawkins seems to be pleasant, and, I think, would provide a much more realistic transition for us, unless the Lord provided the larger means. There are a number of possibilities that I won’t go into until I know which property the Lord is giving to us.

I am fully open to a different property the Lord might have up His sleeve as well, even in another state, anywhere that it rains (the arid states are not the best choice for me). Nonetheless, the right property must contain in itself those two things, the capacity for people to move there right now and the ability to bring in a modest income.

Now, let’s use the property in Hawkins, Texas as a talking point – as if the Lord put the $300,000 into my hands tomorrow and said, “Go for it.” I would move there immediately. (This particular choice would allow my wife to come as things are established, making our transition away from our present house to be orderly.) Another brother would come immediately with his mother. I know of others who are seriously considering participating with us and there are some further ones whom I intend to ask personally.

Yet, let’s say there are 4-5 family units gathered there at that property, the beginnings of the Communities of Christ that will fill this earth in the outflow of the rivers of Tabernacles. My purpose here is to explain this “PLACE” I am entreating of you. Right now, I speak the audios into my microphone while reading the letters I have written on my computer screen. I have no audience. For that reason, the flow of my speech is different than it would be if I were speaking that same word into a small gathering of people drawing Christ from me.

That is the first part of this “place,” then, this small gathering of precious brethren drawing Christ from me in the anointing and sharing of the word. It is a simple and inexpensive thing, then, to set up a video camera linked through a website whose business is to make such broadcasting available to anyone in the world. Here is a probable choice – Sharing our services with you and with many would be the first major part of this place for me to stand. Because I know the strength of the Third Feast anointing in which I move, I know that this one thing would be a River of power that would only increase in many and surprising directions.

More than that, the establishment of our lives together as the Community of Christ includes in itself an anointing of power and blessing, as David says in Psalm 133, an anointing I know well, but an anointing that, finding this full measure of Christ living as us, this wondrous Spirit-Word by which we are bathed and energeoed, would reach levels of impartation we have not yet tasted. I’m talking real. I know Jesus and I believe in Him.

The second part of this “place,” then, is Christ Revealed Bible Institute. I made a final change in my diet, a change that is permanent and wonderful. I have adopted the ketogenic diet, and have found that burning fats instead of glucose, for me, is what my body has always needed, particularly the wonderful fat found in organic red palm oil. My strength is somewhat restored, I have my academic writing brain back, and I sleep well at nights, consistently. This is a marvel.

Thus I am back now to getting the courses of Christ Revealed Bible Institute completed and online. When I have the first three ready, I will open it to incoming students. Now here’s the thing. Believers in Jesus across the world who are being prepared by the Lord for this great rush into Tabernacles that is about to begin will be drawn, not by a solitary and unconnected man talking into his computer. They will be drawn only by a word coming out from and through an established church, regardless of how small that church might be.

And anyone considering signing up for Christ Revealed Bible Institute, if they can see the PLACE of this Bible School, and real faces and videos of real classes, they will know that there is something substantial here for them of which they can partake.

There is a third part to this “Place” I know God intends to open now to me – and that is provision. Since my wife lost her job due to the flooding, we still do not have an income. We are coming down to the wire in regards to regular bills. We do not have what we need, nor do we yet see how the money will come. I cannot see my wife getting another full-time difficult job at low pay; I do not see an open door for how I can earn the money for us to live in this present costly environment. Living together in community in a rural setting is much less costly per person, yet the benefits for practical living are much greater. In our society we are money rich and life poor. In community we had less money, but far more opportunity of life.

Now, let me explain carefully to you what I have attempted to do over the last ten years. I have had one thing only set before my eyes in every letter I have sent out, and that is this beginnings of a place for this Community of Christ which I am setting before you. And inside of it, this function of a real Bible School inside of which I can teach with all my strength and heart.

Let me bring back in here an earlier point. I KNOW that this word I share is NEEDED by millions of Christians across this planet right now. And I KNOW that understanding the Word of Christ our Life does not come overnight. It takes many hours of sitting under anointed teaching flowing out from the throne. So much has to be imparted, so much has to be erased for minds to be renewed into Christ. The knowledge of God never comes in all at once, but only step by step. People must know it is God and not some preacher.

I should be teaching, teaching, teaching, the Word openly to many. I should not be turning away to some secular job in order to “earn money.”

Provision is there. If a hundred people were signed up for CRBI, then we would see an income of around $6-7000 a month (more than enough for our needs). If a thousand people were signed up, that would be $60-70,000 a month (more than enough to support a vivaciously growing Community of Christ). I am not interested in monetary wealth, just enough to cover our ongoing daily needs. My wealth is found in a glorious Church walking as the Lord Jesus upon this earth, loving one another with a pure heart fervently.

Nonetheless, inside that vision, I have worked hard over many years, now, to provide for my family in this way. Many of you do bless us with monthly gifts of money, and for that I thank you so much. As Paul and Jesus said – the laborer is worthy of his hire. Yet you know well that I give freely without obligation all that Father gives to me.

Let me talk, just a bit, now, about “and I will move the earth.” As extraordinary as it seems to me, I actually know that this is true. This is no boast in myself, for I know myself; I have a hard time moving much of anything. Yet I know Christ Jesus, who and what He is and what He is about. This vision I have of a glorious Church, a Church NO ONE is expecting to appear on this earth in this present age, and this Word I share, Word coming in power, that is capable of calling this Church fully into her place – this IS REAL.

I made a statement in Covenant, Lesson 27.4 that absolutely “blew the rest of my hair right off my head.” – Our action of loving one another IS the single most powerful influential force in the universe. –
I am convinced of it. And I am convinced this is NOW.

The world is building a mighty pretense of accusation, rage, and destruction. They will have no idea what just happened when this Church flowing out of Jesus flowing out of us takes the whole package of deception right out of the human experience.

I want to put before the face of millions of precious believers in Jesus across this entire planet this vision of the Church, which is His Body, the fullness of Jesus who fills all in all – the revelation, the unveiling of Jesus Christ. And I want to call her forth into her place.

I know my calling and place in this hour. I am simply a voice, one of many, crying in the wilderness of no sufficiency in myself, “Prepare the way for God, open the Doors, and then ‘get out of the way,’ for our Father is coming through.”

 Yet we are never “out of the way,” for we are tucked utterly into the Heart of this Mighty Being who is determined with all the intensity of the Almighty to prove Jesus faithful and true and to do so through us.

So, let’s bring my request of you down to specific realities. You are free of me; you owe me nothing. If you have received anything through me, that is entirely my gift to you. Your own heart singing inside of the knowledge of Jesus is my great reward forever.

Yet I do entreat of you. Let me define entreat. To entreat is to ask of you, without obligation, yet with all sobriety of consideration something that is of great importance, something that will mean life out of death for many.

I am incapable of making this “Place” that I need to happen. And I will not pretend to “believe in God” to give me that ability. I need your help; I need you.

One of you reading this letter might say to yourself, “I have a property that would serve Daniel’s purposes, let me give it to him for this vision, that he might have a PLACE, a tangible classroom of his own, through which he can share this Word with many.”

Another of you reading this letter might say to yourself, “I am gifted in business; I know how to put deals together. I will step into the negotiations and offer my credit backing to work out a deal with the owner of the RV Park by which this property can be secured for this Vision.”

Another might say, “I have the money in reserve, sufficient to get this PLACE started, let me be a part of this wondrous Victory of Christ in this way.”

And others might say, “Hey, this is for me, this is the calling of my heart. Just as soon as the Lord establishes Daniel in this PLACE, I am on my way. I will be a part of this Community that will become a Fountain of Life for many.”

Still, some of you might also say, “Well, I don’t have any of that, but I do see Daniel and Maureen’s present need, and I will send them the bit I have to meet their present expenses until God establishes them in His next step.”

And, I do know, that all of you who are reading this letter will take this burden and this PLACE into your hearts, into the Mercy Seat of God, and join your faith and confidence in God together with mine, that God will move heaven and earth to establish this Word out from a place that enables His Church to hear and to know and to enter into the revelation of Jesus Christ.

Give me a place to stand, and I will move the earth.

That place, for me, is a tangible classroom with a gathering of precious saints into whom I might teach all that is Christ through me. That place, for me, is a real, local Community of Christ.

Yet I thank you, most of all, for hearing the Lord Jesus alive inside of you through the things He enables me to share, that He alone is your life and joy, that He reveals Himself in, as, and through you, right now, in all ways.

You are forever my crown of rejoicing, my glory and my joy.

And thus I ask this of you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and for His glory.

Be blessed in all the good-speaking of Jesus,
Daniel Yordy