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24.1 We Win by Church

24.1 We Win by Church
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We Win by Church
Our victory has become so much more clear to me. In fact, I now understand it enough to give you a valid and comprehensive outline of our victory, it’s beginning and end, it’s purpose and center. To see this outline, I am drawing primarily from Session 15: The Curse and Session 23: Our Weapons.

BUT – the real truth of these last days is this. It’s not about the darkness; it’s about the Church. The victory IS the fulfillment of the Feast of Tabernacles from beginning to end in the experience of the Church. The Victory is a fully successful Christian Church walking this earth as the image and revelation of Father.

Only One Enemy
We have established that there is only one enemy – God-not-being-known. And our warfare is all about God being known through us.

God-being-known-through-us is also known, in the Bible, as Jesus faithful and true. This Jesus faithful and true in all outward demonstration is known in all four aspects of His Being, as every Word God speaks, as the One who lives as us, as a Spirit of Power connecting us together and as a Corporate Body. And God-being-known has another name in the Bible, the Feast of Tabernacles; for that reason, we see clearly that God has three levels at which His Victory, Jesus faithful and true, is accomplished.

Three Things That Prevent
For the weapons of our warfare are… mighty in God for …casting down …every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into …Christ, and being ready to punish all disobedience when your obedience is fulfilled. (2 Corinthians 10:4-6 – condensed).

There are three specific things, coming out from the original curse, that work to prevent the knowledge of God. And remember heaven does not know God any more than earth. The first of those three things is the evil one and his kingdom of unclean spirits living in symmorphy with all unregenerate humans and speaking lies to all who are born again. The second is the beast in this world, the curse of human “leadership,” and the third is death existing at three levels.

Three Experiences of Church
It’s all about the Church; the glory is the Church.

But we have three things that block the knowledge of God: the strongholds of the evil one, the arguments of this world, and the exaltation of death against Christ. And we have a progression of three slightly different experiences over a period of three + years in the revelation of God through the Feast of Tabernacles in the life of His people. Those three experiences are the First Day, when God becomes all our connections, the in-between days of dwelling in booths, and the Great and Final Day, the resurrection of our bodies, when God becomes visible to His creation for the first time.

And we can match these two threes into a pattern to make nine points of victory.
Nine Points of Victory
And this is awesome, because I have nine lessons to write; now it will be one lesson per point. Here is a chart showing these nine points of victory. I would ask you to think much about the meaning of this chart.

VICTORY First Day of Feast Dwelling in Booths Final Day of Feast
The Evil One - Defeated Breaking the false image. Nurturing the woman in the Spirit. Binding with chains.
The World-Beast - Defeated No husband; ending human leadership. Providing for the woman in the natural. Bringing to nothing.
Death - Defeated Putting on incorruptibility. Removing the beast skin, all that hides. Putting on immortality.

Our focus is on the Church all the way through. Yet in our service to the Church, we must deal with these three enemies at each of three ongoing levels of victory.

We Win by Church
We win by Church. Oh, how this changes everything for us. Every prophetic word in the Bible dealing with the end of the age of human folly we now see in an entirely different light.

What’s really happening is that the Church of Jesus Christ is entering into all the revelation of Father through her. The darkness of God-not-known is cast off as she arises in victory. You see, every rendition of the prophetic word I have ever read or heard has left Jesus in His fully successful Church entirely OUT of all consideration.

A False Seeing
In fact, many of our brethren also see these three levels of fulfillment. The first is death, “take us out of here” (the rapture.) You see, rapture cannot be resurrection. The resurrection is of earth bodies for living fully as alive humans in heaven/on earth. When Enoch and Elijah ascended into heaven, their physical bodies dissolved, a condition called death. For the entire church to be raptured into heaven-only means death to all. The second level, then, is being dead in heaven while all hell breaks loose on earth. And Christians get a front-row seat watching all the carnage, yet none of it concerns them. And third is Jesus killing all of His enemies on earth.

Am I wrong in calling this view Satanic?

We See the Church
Because you and I are already utterly tucked into Father’s Heart, and His Heart inside of all that is our hearts, we see everything different. We see the Church, the Beloved of the Lord Jesus Christ, and we see her ignorant of who she is. Our hearts, our lives, our focus, our energy, our strength, our faith, we devote utterly to Father for her sake.

And our anger is directed entirely against those elements of darkness that keep her from being the living revelation of Father to all creation inside this heaven/earth. There will be moments when that anger is fierce and hot, but its purpose will only ever be the freedom of Jesus’ Bride.
Are You Willing?
And for us to be utterly for Father’s sake, we must be the heart of that Church, Church by Father. And out from us goes that heart energy field that encompasses all that she is entirely inside the deepest of compassion.

To see this now, after nearly forty years of hope unseen, is the beginning of all my desire. And here is the word of my Father to me. “Daniel, are you willing to be that heart energy field for My sake, for the sake of My people, even though no one would ever know that you are?”

And my answer is, “For Your sake, my Father, I am willing, with all of my heart.”

A Dream
I wrote the last bit two mornings ago. Now I am awake in the night just after a wondrous dream woke me slowly out of sleep. We have established that the Kingdom of God is Father just being Himself. I want to share the dream and the understanding that comes now awake, both together.

I was living under the earth with all others. We had no tunnels, like moles do; we had to move through dirt heavy upon us. Father arose in me and I knew I must arise out of the earth and walk alive upon it. Immediately after I did so, the question came, “Are you willing to go back down for your wife.” No one, having escaped living under the dirt would ever go back!!! “Of course, Father, I am more than willing,” was my response.

My wife, though herself, also means all who are the Church.

Now, walking upon the earth for the first time, enjoying the wind and the water, my entire consciousness was Father and I together, Father just being Himself, me just being myself. Yet the urgency of our heart was to turn everything into life; that is, to practice learning to do so. And so we ran through the stream and through the snow, making them alive, yet they remained stream and snow, yet alive. And we practiced throwing rocks from one place to another by speaking so that throwing a mountain into the sea would just be the next step.

And in all that Father and I did together, we were laughing uproariously. Yet bringing forth life was the urgency of our delight.

A woman got into our car. She spoke against any belief in anything above the earth. I and Father did not know how to answer, but Father and I said, “That’s easy, open your eyes.”  Instantly she saw angels and demons all around her and darkness all through her being. She was panicked in horror. We said, “So you want to be blind again? That’s fine.” Then we said, “There’s a pastor at that little church down the street from your house. He is intelligent and kind; he will tell you what to do.” And we were laughing.

Some were praying for deliverance over two teenagers, a boy and a girl. We stepped into the room, Father and I utterly together. We placed one hand deliberately on each of their heads and said, “Get out Jack, and don’t come back.” Instantly, their faces went from twisted darkness to the light and utter peace of joy. Father and I were laughing.

We went to the seashore on a still night and wrapped ourselves in a mighty thunderspout filled with lightning. People were taking pictures, and Father and I were laughing. And always, we wanted to practice, practice, practice turning everything into life so that when the big day came, it would be no big deal.

As I was waking, my problem of being too much hungry and thus overweight came as just one more thing to practice turning into life. One more thing to throw into oblivion.

No longer were Father and I under the earth, waiting to arise, but the earth is for walking upon entirely in the winds of heaven. And always, always our desire was to cause this stream and that field to live, and these people to know. And always we were laughing uproariously.

Father Just Being Himself
Then I read the Thunderbolts Picture of the Day, titled “Swimming around Rocks” by Mel Acheson. It was the same word. It’s not so much standing as it is swimming. Life is for swimming in, for taking the currents where they go.

I have swung my sword hard against the image of “supermen” walking this earth. We are and will always be humans. Yet it is in humans that Father makes Himself known. And Father is LIFE and joy; Father just being Himself. Many will call it miracles. We will call it breaking the image of the serpent and bringing forth life.

Yet all of it, Father and us together, is for the sake of the Church, to bring her out of living under dirt to stand in joy upon the earth ALIVE in the breezes of heaven.

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