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7.4 Christ Revealed

7.4 Christ Revealed
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Christ Revealed
In Sessions 5-7 we have looked at four aspects of Christ: Christ as every Word God speaks, Christ as the One who lives as us, Christ as a Spirit of power, and Christ as a corporate Body.

We have seen that Christ lives as us according to every Word God speaks. We have seen how every Word God speaks comes to us in the form of a Spirit of power, the Spirit being the very “ink” of that Word, the very distinction of the sounds. We have seen how Christ becomes us by the Spirit of power. We have seen how Spirit and Body can never be separated except as death and how we are fully individual and members.

Here we want to see how Word becomes Body.

Word Becomes Body
As I awoke from sleep the other day, I heard and saw very strongly, “Word becomes Body.” We are speaking of the Ekenosis, the full Ekenosis of God. Let this same mind be in you (Philippians 2:7), the mind of the Ekenosis.

We are also speaking of the first form of the Kingdom of God, the ordering together of the members of One Body of Christ. Remember that the Kingdom of God is, in its essence, the Father being Himself. Yet the Father unfolds Himself in joy first as His many-membered Body, moving as one in perfect freedom.

Father Becoming Known
God is Word. Jesus is word as He is inside of the Father; that is, the Father gives to Jesus all that He Himself is. God does this so that Jesus might take what God is and make it visible and knowable. Jesus is the becoming known of Father in every place where Father is becoming known.

We together, moving as one together, loving one another with a pure heart fervently, are the Body, the outward expression of the Father being Himself in His essence and heart. The connection of Father to us together IS the Word becoming a living, moving Body.

Two Currents Entwined Together
There are then two qualities, two streams of reality, two mighty currents of God always entwined together in a moving spiral that take this Word inside of God out from God and into a Corporate Body, living and breathing, working and singing, all together as one. Those two qualities are a Spirit of power and Christ as us, as each individual one.

Word can move from one to another only as it is Spirit. And God is first a Person, utterly filled with heart, and thus every going forth of God in any way and at any time must be utterly personal, in, as, and through other persons. For the Body to be complete, each member must be complete.

Spirit AND Us
They (you and me, Christ as us) that are led by (entwined together with) the Spirit of God (Word going forth in the form of Spirit, a Personal Spirit Word) are sons of God (the entire Body moving together as one) (Romans 8).

Without Spirit carrying Word there is no Body. Without us, each member that same Word, Christ, personal as us, there is no Body, no flock moving as one.

So – the Word comes forth from Father in two forms, as Spirit “ink” and personal as us, two forms of Word utterly entwined together. He that is joined to the Lord is one Spirit with Him. That one Spirit together is always in the form of Word. The Spirit is not the hand by which Christ is written, but the ink, the form of the words of Christ by which we live.

Covenant and Kingdom
Now, the nature of this relationship, Spirit Word as you and me, and our togetherness, person to person, we will explore further in Symmorphy IV: Covenant. Here we want to know Kingdom, that is, the order in which this Body, you and me, moves together as the appearance of Father to creation.

You and I will be moving together in full freedom and expression as God’s perfect order before we will impart that same glorious liberty to creation. Here is the progression: Word –> Spirit –> Us –> Spirit –> Body –> to creation. (Word coming in the form of Spirit living as us connecting through Spirit as one Body revealing God to creation.)  

It is the same Spirit on both sides of Us, the first is Spirit as Covenant and the second is Spirit as our connections together, the first connections of Kingdom.

Living Word
The Word is alive. This Living Word inside of God is similar to the code of InDesign inside my computer’s hard drive. The Word is all the nature and being of the Person of Father, in code form, in communication form, able to be read and known, able to create a living, moving, breathing image.

In other words, the Word that is Father, becomes the form of a servant, that is, a Word that is Jesus, entirely inside of God, and not yet affecting creation. This Jesus, a Man, living entirely in the form of God, inside the Father, now calls forth this invisible God out into visibility. Thus word goes forth carrying in itself the revelation of Father.

God Seen and Known
It is clear from Scripture that Jesus is a Man right now, seated at the right hand of God. It is also clear that this Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever, a statement that is entirely figurative.

We never think of any time inside of God. Pro-knowing does not mean “knew before”; it means, the heart of an all here now God inside of which all things exist NOW and out from which all things proceed in their season. Time is God seen and known, God made visible every moment to creation.

And it is also clear that this same Jesus is every Word God speaks, coming to each one of us as Personal Spirit Word.

Personal Spirit Word
And so this same Jesus, all the good speaking of God, speaks us as Himself every moment. We are formed and sustained by every Word that is Jesus. At the same time, Jesus, all the good speaking of God, speaks the ordering of His body, you and me together, as the image of the Father every moment. And so we can see that Spirit, a Personal Spirit Word, comes to us as individuals and, in full parallel, to us as one body together.

In the documentary, The Gathering Swarms, was the statement, “millions moving together as one.” Each individual complete and free AND all together as one.

Order versus Chaos
What would be the result if, in that great flock of thousands of birds, each bird had to hear a command, speed up, slow down, turn right, turn left, and had to be sure to obey that command? The result would be total chaos, birds smashing into birds. There would be neither order nor beauty. Yet this is the perversion by which our brethren define the Body of Christ.

In complete contrast, the Holy Spirit comes to us as Word, and becomes in us those words that are Jesus Himself in Person singing as our own individual heart energy fields. And because our hearts are filled with Jesus, we walk every step IN all the love of God.

Speaking Christ
And as we drink of this same Holy Spirit Word that is Jesus personal in us, we see and are drawn to one another. We love one another because we see the same personal Jesus in one another.

Yet that same Personal Spirit Word is in our mouths and goes forth from each one of us as rivers. Thus we speak Christ to one another, speaking only the Truth in love, Christ prophesying Christ, Christ calling forth Christ, Christ blessing Christ, Christ encouraging Christ, Christ building up Christ. Yet we do not give the same thing to each other, but rather, what each of us is as individual members, and only to those members “flying” in proximity to us.

Always New Wineskins
Jesus gave one order for His church in the present season, the order of the wineskin.  In each new season of wine, as our seasons change, we find ourselves flying in a new arrangement, fluid and alive, sometimes moving with different “birds” or in different directions, always in joy, always Christ together with Christ. Because we are alive, we never hold on to “how we moved” yesterday.

And as we speak Christ together, that speaking is not as isolated words, but Words as Spirit, the joining together of the Body by what each joint supplies. And thus millions of us move together as one Body.

Submitting to One Another
All human organization, all hierarchy of human persons over others, breaks that beautiful order of Christ. Yet in this body, always moving as one together, each member yields and submits one to the other in a continuous flow, walking together IN love, yet never subservient, but always free. And true leaders in God will always be submitting first.

You see, in the beauty of the flock, each bird is always yielding to his neighbor, yet never in subservience, but always free, yet always willing to yield or move ahead as seems right in the moment, according to the singing of Christ in the heart of each.

The Image of Father
Symmorphy is our relationship with God; symphony is our relationship together. And yet, in our relationship together as the symphony, singing the same song, all the singing of every Word that is Jesus, we together are symmorphosed with Father and Father is seen and known as and through all of us together.

You see, this entire session has been nothing more than expanding on the reality of Romans 8:29. Out of His own Heart, with divine determination, God symmorphoses us together as His very image.

Christ is revealed from me to you and you to me in symphony, and Father is revealed through all of us as one flock together, symmorphy, God sharing the same form with millions as one.