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9. Defining the Kingdom

We are now ready for a more complete definition of "the Kingdom of God." The truth is, there are several different, though entirely compatible, definitions of the Kingdom, and our understanding of that Kingdom will increase forever. Of the increase of His government and peace there shall be no end (Isaiah 9:7).

In this session, we look at the Kingdom as an ecosystem, with every life form playing its part together. We also look at the right messenger carrying the right message and a kingdom of righteousness. 

What, then, are we looking for as we look for the Kingdom arising on this earth? We are looking for a complex set of relationships, love among us, to grow in our personal experiences with one another.

Lesson 9.1 A Fresh Definition applies the definition of an ecosystem to the Kingdom of God, a complete world of interaction, of need and supply. Thus we see that the Kingdom of God is a complex set of relationships among many.

Lesson 9.2 The Right Message portrays the story of the conflict between Absalom and David, as David reacts to two different runners, the first one running with an incomplete message. This is how the church has operated, on an incomplete message carried by incomplete runners. The Kingdom of God arising on this earth means that God is sending the complete message of victory through His prepared messengers.

Lesson 9.3 A Kingdom of Righteousness defines righteousness, not as "right living," but as "right relationships." Righteousness is a dynamic quality of inter-relationships of full honor and respect. It is the depths of friendship, of two, and many, walking together in the highest regard for one another.