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12. Foundations of Father

We have stated that the Kingdom of God is Father just being Himself, Father revealing Himself through His temple, His body, as HE IS, that all created beings might see and know God.

For that reason, in order for us to know the Kingdom of God, we must know who and what Father is. The whole purpose of everything is to reveal Father.

And so we ask the basic questions - Who is Father? What is Father? What is He really like? When Father is free to be Himself, what does everyone see and experience?

In order to at least begin to look at a topic that is larger than the universe and which will never be measured or limited, we will look at four aspects of Father, Father as contention, Father as quality, Father as principle, and Father as personality. Our hope is to know, just a bit better, this Mighty Being who lives inside of us and who tells us to call Him, "Father."

Lesson 12.1 Father as Contention begins with the reality that everything is about Father, God as He is, His desire, His intention, His reality, His demand that every individual created being deal straight and only with Him. "Ministers" of Christianity have made it about everything EXCEPT this consuming Fire who is in our face, contending personally and directly with each one of us.

Lesson 12.2 Father as Quality begins by positioning abundance as the primary quality of Father, that is, whatever Father is, He is that ALL in ALL and overflowing in every direction. Yet we find five incredible qualities of Father, drawing out from 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 and Romans 8:28. Those five qualities are the essence of the Kingdom, of Father just being Himself.

Lesson 12.3 Father as Principle then turns to the workings of God, the things of God that we can understand by looking at the "laws" by which all things in creation operate, the laws of physical science, the laws of spirit realities, and the laws of society. From these laws, we can see a bit further into who and what our Father is.

Lesson 12.4 Father as Personality first defines what "personality" is and then shows us how each one of us as individuals, our own personality, is just one more expression of our Father's incredible and vastly varied personality. God likes to do so many things and to express Himself in so many ways.