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17. The Mystery of Iniquity

The mystery of iniquity refers to the working of evil in the hearts of powerful men and women as they seek to assert their control over other humans by the curse of Genesis 3, "Your husband shall rule over you." This domination for the sake of envy and pride began with Cain and has continued on in the same pattern for six thousand years.

The mystery of iniquity showed itself again in Jesus day through the Pharisees who opposed him. This same faction continued to oppose the message of Christ down through the centuries.

However, we understand that the beast of Revelation 13 refers to all human government down through the centuries at every level. Humans seek for order, but it is always the most violent who impose that order.

Lesson 17.1 From Cain On defines the mystery of iniquity has operated down through the centuries, using the envy of Cain as the defining illustration. Envy seeks, not to possess, but to destroy what belongs to another. This mystery is found in the Bible as the firstborn always persecuting the second born.

Lesson 17.2 The Pharisees explores the history of this faction as they fled the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70, carrying their hatred of Jesus with them. This same faction has persisted until now. The "teaching of the Pharisees" against which Jesus warned is the book The Talmud, the source of modern Judaism. This same faction of the Pharisees today controls more in this world than most realize.

Lesson 17.3 The Arising Beast traces the rise of money power over the last 350 years until the purposes of those who control the money dominate the whole world. Their goal is to remove the name of Jesus from this earth.

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