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21. Life Laid-Down

There can be NO fullness of Christ, no Christian Community, no revelation of Jesus Christ, no fulfillment of the Feast of Tabernacles without the Heart of God as the heart of each one of us. And that Heart is shown to us by a Man laying down His life, setting forth His soul, for His friends.

God then tells us that we also ought to lay down our lives for the brethren.

There is nothing more important happening in all of human history than the shaping of the human heart to contain and to reveal the heart of the Father.

The authority now flowing out of us, authority to cast every element of the curse from off the human experience, comes from nowhere else than this very Heart, the Heart of the Almighty, now our own heart as well.

We must know just how God plants His Heart in ours.

Lesson 21.1 Soul with Soul introduces the subject of Jesus' trading His soul, His psuche for ours. You have made His soul an offering for sin. The lesson leads the reader into the personal experience of trading every moment of sinfulness for the soul of the Lord Jesus - Put on the Lord Jesus Christ.

Lesson 21.2 Heart with Heart develops the meaning of the incredible words "I will write upon Him the name of My God." We walk in the absolute confidence that God IS sharing His Heart with us as we walk through every experience and circumstance of life. 

Lesson 21.3 Love Poured Out then positions this Heart of the Father, now our hearts as well, as the source of the rivers of life and love that will pour forth upon this earth in establishing the Church of Jesus Christ in all Victory. We learn to walk in no consciousness of sins regarding ourselves; now we learn to do the same towards all of our fellow Christians.